Vulcano and Lipari: The Beauties of the Aeolian sea

In the year 2000, UNESCO declared the Aeolian Islands a World heritage site, due largely to the untouched natural beauty of the Islands. The seven islands that make up the Aeolian Islands are fondly referred to as the “seven pearls of the Mediterranean” by many people. The islands can be found in the Tyrrhenian Sea and they were collectively named after Aeolus, the Greek god known as the “holder of the winds” or more simply as the god of the wind. The individual islands include Stromboli, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea, Lipari, and Salina.




The islands were formed several years ago as a result of intense volcanic activity, but only two of the islands are active volcanoes till date i.e. Vulcano and Stromboli. When viewed together from the sky, the islands come together in a large “Y shaped” conformation that has the Vulcano Island on the southern end. The islands boast of interesting scenery for tourists, hiking up volcanic craters for thrill-seekers, hot mud baths and brilliant sunlight for sun bathers as well as endless views of the blue sea. The islands have something for every category of visitor and the beautiful beaches are a favorite destination for travellers.


The general view of the islands is quite fascinating, especially the beautiful alternation of beaches and mountains which presents sailors with something to look forward to on their holidays. The islands boast of hot thermal springs with proven therapeutic effects as well as the black obsidian stones and white pumice stones that are peculiar to these islands and have been exported locally for centuries. There are also various kinds of ornamental plants that grow naturally in the area. Se bellow some pics of Lipari.

Lipari Italy volcanic island

Lipari Eolian sea

The largest of all seven islands is the Lipari which has a population of about 11,000 inhabitants which increases to about 19,000 during the peak of visits by tourists. It has a land mass of 14 square miles and has five villages that are interconnected by a long winding road. The island offers many attractive spots, but one of the most common is the Mount Chirica which is the highest point on the island of Lipari and is about 1975 feet above sea level. Other tourist attractions include the stunning pumice caves which have several stones polished by the years; the Acropolis built by the Greeks, the Norman Lipari cathedral as well as the Museum of Archeology which is a first class archive of the history and culture of Sicily. The various spots in Lipari are rich in history and they provide a sort of attraction towards gaining a better understanding of the past. In addition, Lipari has excellent accommodation as well as utilities like restaurants, bars, shopping centres and many other places. The Ponente beach is also a must visit for any tourist in the area.

The island of Vulcano is one of the two active volcanoes on the Aeolian sea, and according to legends of Roman and Greek origin, it is the site where the god of fire, volcanoes and blacksmiths Hephaestus resides. The reason for this myth is not farfetched due to the fact that the island has abundant volcanic activities, currently evident as fumaroles and steam currents. The island also has sulphur and alum caves, the bigger one is known as Gran Cratere della Fossa and it is filled with stalagmites while the cave which is filled with stalactites and stalagmites is known as Grotta del Cavallo and the Valle dei Mostrin is filled with monster-like rock formations. The island is also known for the therapeutic sulphuric mud that is abundant on the island.

Vulcano island  Sicilly

Popularly called Fanghi, the sulphuric waters have been proved to be potent de-stressors and you can take a bath in the waters while taking care that the water does not get into your eyes. You can also apply the mud to your body like a facial mask and then wash it off afters few minutes; you will feel energised and reinvigorated after the experience. Also, the steaming thermal resorts offer natural and wonderful services aimed at helping the visitors relax completely in private. They also bring you closer to nature and you will feel truly relaxed in every part of your body, both within and without.

view top vulcano Sicilly Vulcano Island

In addition, if you are able to hike to the summit of the volcano itself, you will have the chance to enjoy the panoramic and absolutely dazzling view from the top. The black sand beaches have been described as magical and are great relaxation points. The thermal springs on the island are said to provide relief for people with rheumatism, stiff muscles and discomforts, as well as arthritis. However, while taking walks on the volcano or enjoying the thermal springs, you should pay attention to the vents from which hot air erupts from time to time do as to prevent injuries.

The Vulcano Island is a great place to enjoy your privacy and also relax without external disturbance, unlike the busy Lipari Island. In order to make your stay truly enjoyable, it is vital that you have the right accommodation that will ensure that you enjoy your stay. The Theresia Resort and Spa is the best hotel on the Vulcano Island with a 5 stars rating, excellent and high quality service.

infinity pool Therasia Resort

The resort has beautiful rooms that are fully furnished to make sure you have a great place to rest after the day’s tour. The resort also has restaurants that serve wonderfully prepared local cuisines that are second to none; L’Arcipelago offers you seafood and a scenic view in a relaxed atmosphere, and Il Cappero, a one Michelin star restaurant offers you dinner in a romantic atmosphere with a wonderful view and excellent service. The bars and lounges are perfect place to unwind after a sumptuous Mediterranean dish at any of the restaurants. In addition, the Theresia Resort and Spa also offers you excursion hires, jet and boar ski, snorkelling and scuba diving. They also provide expert guides that will ensure that you have a taste of what the Vulcan Island has to offer.

In conclusion, both islands of Lipari and Vulcano have different points of attractions for you, from the history, to the amazing views, the beauty of nature shines through and it is waiting for you to explore.