Traveling in the Camargue National Park

Camargue is located south of Arles, France. It is one of France’s wildest and most beautiful areas. Caught between the Mediterranean Sea and the two legs of the Rhône River delta is some of the most alluring marsh lands and natural habitat to be found in the country. The amazing strip of coastline is one of the most alluring beaches for nature watchers.


The National Park covers 930 km of land with a third of it being lakes or marshland. There is, however, a large cultivated area that surrounds the wetlands. With three different walking routes around the wetlands, there is something for everyone to see. There are also horseback rides, jeep tours, and bicycles for rent that make it easier for those who do not wish to walk.


There is an abundance of wildlife to be seen on the park. Including a variety of over 400 bird species, an amazing amount of insects, along with some of the most highly regarded and vicious mosquitos in the region. The park is particularly famous for its Camargue bulls, Camargue horses, and the ever popular flamingos that people travel from around the world to see.