Therasia Resort and Spa Vulcano Island Sicilly

The Therasia Resort Sea & Spa  is one of the hotels situated in the Aeolian Islands and it is a 5 star hotel by all standards. It is located in a choice location on the Vulcano Island, about 800 metres away from Sabbie Nere that boasts of a beautiful beach and is a favourite destination for tourists. The Vulcano island is one of the seven known pearls of the Mediterranean, and it is one of the Aeolian Islands; the others being Lipari, Alicudi, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Salina. The vantage position of the hotel presents the visitor with a beautiful view of the other islands as well as a stunning view of the sea and horizon. Situated in a location that has been tagged a World heritage site by UNESCO, it is not surprising that the Therasia Resort Sea & Spa is a favorite destination for luxury travellers.

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The hotel is in itself a lovely sight to behold, an architectural wonder and it is a truly creative blend of local materials and modern décor. The Therasia Resort and spa was built using local stones obtained from the volcanic rocks of Mount Etna and also local materials like cedar wood and glazed Sicilian terracotta. The combination of the black volcanic stones and terracotta of different colours and contrasts gives the hotel a warm and welcoming ambience. The Therasia Resort boasts of an exquisite garden which houses several ornamental plants including cacti and other succulent plants. Overall, the atmosphere is refined, charming and creates a feeling of intimacy that is perfect for a luxury vacation.

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The hotel has 97 rooms with large and beautifully carved terraces as well as a marvellous infinity pools and areas for sunbathing. The view from the rooms is simply beautiful and one can sit for hours on the terrace just watching the sea. You could also enjoy the view from the comfort of your bed without seeing a need to draw the curtains. The rooms are beautifully furnished and they come in different sizes according to the various packages available, with each one being absolutely wonderful. It is very easy to check in into these rooms and forget the worries of the outside world, which is every luxury traveller’s dream.

The Theresia Resort also has a spa that offers visitors a wide variety of treatments including body massages, relaxing baths with oils, hydro massage, hydrotherapy, facials, and a lot more. The spa also has a Turkish bath as well as a sauna to cater for the relaxation needs of visitors.

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The Theresia Resort and spa also serves as home to three amazing restaurants and two bars that are always well-stocked. The quality of service offered at each restaurant has been lauded and the food is truly great. The Arcipelago is one of the restaurants in the resort and it offers Italian cuisine strictly for lunch and dinner, accompanied by Sicilian wines that are carefully selected according to the dish ordered. The I Grusoni is another restaurant within the hotel and it also serves Italian cuisine at both lunch and dinner. The restaurant is usually perfect for casual dates, snacks, grilled foods and pizzas.

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The third restaurant is the Il Cappero, the best known restaurant of the hotel and it boasts of a Michelin star. The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and only dinner which consists of specially made dishes created using local ingredients of Sicilian Origin. The chef Giusepe Biuso is a very young but highly skilled chef that has always left the customers satisfied and desiring more of the dishes from his kitchen. He makes food that looks beautiful and has great taste, worthy of every point on its one Michelin star.

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In addition, this gourmet restaurant is where the Sicilian ingredients meet the skills and creativity of an amazing chef Giuseppe Biuso resulting in the creation of great, tasty and healthy meals every time. The romantic ambience as well as a the fascinating view the restaurant offers make every meal at the Theresia Resort and Spa an experience to treasure for a very long time. It is a great place for families, spouses and friends to have a quiet, special and undisturbed time together.

The poolside bars and the lounge are also great places to sit back, relax and unwind and have a wonderful time. The atmosphere is warm and romantic and the quality of service is truly exceptional.

Guests at Theresia Hotels and Spa can also take walks by the sea, sunbath, and also enjoy the beaches on the island. Some of the beaches that should be explored include Asino, Gelso, and Acque Calde which are located quite close to the hotel and are within walking distance. You can also walk up the volcano called “Gran Cratere” and also go on a trip to one of the other beautiful Aeolian Islands close by. The staff members are usually very helpful and they will help you find your way around the fun and interesting spots.

The service and general disposition of the staff of the Theresia Resort Sea and Spa makes it worth the 5 star rating and the scenic sea views as well as the remarkable sunsets make staying at the hotel a favorite among many seasoned luxury travellers. Quite a number of visitors and guests have described their experience at Theresia Resort Sea and Spa as epic and magical, and I am inclined to agree with them. Everyone deserves to spend some time on the island of Vulcano and the Theresia Resort Sea and Spa is the hotel to stay in.

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