The Magical World of Theo Fennell

Intelligent, witty and show-stopping, Theo Fennell jewellery exudes imagination and craftsmanship. The unique designs, inspired by Theo’s love of nature, are innovative and distinctive, captivating the world for over 25 years. It comes as no surprise that the extraordinary pieces attract some of the most discerning fans from high society to the red carpet and have been exhibited at London’s Royal Academy. Enter a wonderful world of fairy tales and fantasies with this selection of some of Theo’s latest creations.



The empty quarter ring


Theo Fennell and Willard Wigan MBE, the world famous English micro-sculptor, have collaborated in a joint venture to create a one of a kind jewellery art piece: ‘The Empty Quarter Ring’. Their adventure started in early 2013, when Theo realised that Willard’s micro sculptures could be perfect for some of his one-off design ideas, notably his ‘Surprise Fantasy Ring’. The pair soon discovered that they shared the same passion for original and unique artistry and design, and that, through working together, they could bring amazing new dimensions to each other’s work.

‘I’m always excited about working with people with extraordinary skills: I love the process of bouncing ideas off someone else and finding new ways to stretch the art of jewellery.’ Theo


Learning that Willard’s sculptures would work perfectly in his opening rings, the pair set about designing a micro fantasy ring. Fittingly entitled ‘The Empty Quarter Ring’, when opened it reveals an apparently deserted, desert scene. But, in reality, the sand dunes cradle three camels, which have been beautifully crafted by Willard on a microscopic scale. The ring is accompanied by a fabulously crafted magnifying glass and chain so it can be worn around the neck, allowing the wearer to see clearly the three camels as they make their way elegantly across the desert.

As with all of Theo’s designs, the attention to detail on this ring is staggering: the ring and magnifying glass have both been completely hand-made by the incredible craftsmen in Theo Fennell’s Chelsea workshop from different coloured 18ct golds; set with diamonds, while the body of the ring has been intricately deep-engraved with desert flowers and adorned with rose gold salamanders which clamber across it.

The detail even continues to the presentation box, inspired by a Bedouin tent. It has been hand crafted to house the ring, its magnifying glass and its chain in spectacular style. It sits on a dune fabricated from sand imported from the Rub’ Al Khali or ‘Empty Quarter’; the largest sand desert in the world.
The pair of extraordinary artists are currently working on their next project, ‘The Coliseum Ring’ featuring miniature gladiators battling inside in a miniature arena!

Beryl & Tsavorite Suite and Chrysanthemum Earrings


Theo Fennell has created this one of a kind 18ct Yellow Gold suite, featuring a unique necklace and matching earring. The necklace showcases a vivid 1.50ct Tsavorite and Freshwater Pearl suspended from a beautiful heard-shaped 14.73ct Golden Beryl on a delicate Yellow Gold chain £22,950

The elegant earrings feature two Freshwater Pearls suspended from two stunning Tsavorite surrounded by pave diamond 18ct Yellow Gold, 3.54ct Tsavorite, 1.58ct Diamond & Pearl Drop Earrings £19,950 The suite, which perfectly exemplifies Theo’s love of unusual and unique coloured stones and passion for beautiful designs, has been hand-crafted by the brilliant craftsmen in Theo Fennell’s dedicated Chelsea workshop.

Symbol of honesty and purity, the chrysanthemum is one of Theo Fennell’s favourite flowers. Theo has designed this exceptionally lovely pair of drop earrings which pay tribute to both the beauty of the chrysanthemum and his talented craftsmen, who have created them entirely by hand. Crafted from 18ct White Gold, these one of a kind earrings showcase two stunning Green Beryls weighing 92.63ct suspended from two Pave Diamond Chrysanthemums. Combining beautiful and unique design with exceptional workmanship, these statement earrings are a true work of art £55,000

The Hermitage Ring


Theo Fennell’s unique Hermitage Ring takes its inspiration from the Aquamarine’s beautiful reflections and the way it mimics the sheen of the warm, shallow, tropical waters. The ring showcases a stunning 64.53ct Cabochon Aquamarine which opens to reveal a miniature 18ct Rose Gold Hermit Crab set with rubies who has made his home on the seabed…a real hermitage! The body of the ring is just as enchanting: crafted in 18ct Yellow, Rose and White Golds, it portrays a magical underwater world inhabited by seahorses, turtles and fish- all of which have been superbly deep-engraved by hand and delicately set with Pave diamonds.

Tapestry Bangles & Buttercup Ring


18ct Yellow Gold & 0.44ct Diamond Hand-Engraved Butterfly & Frog Tapestry Bangle £13,000
18ct Yellow Gold & 0.54ct Diamond Hand-Engraved Bee Tapestry Bangle £15,000
18ct Yellow Gold, 4.02ct Yellow Diamond & Pave Diamond Buttercup Cocktail Ring POA

These two one of a kind 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Bangles pay tribute to the beauty of nature and its rich tapestry. Each bangle has been delicately hand-engraved with flowers and leaves, adorned with Theo’s beloved bees, butterflies and tree frogs, and studded with diamonds. Incredibly beautiful, elegant and bursting with Theo Fennell’s signature sense of fun and continued celebration of the natural world.
The beautiful cocktail ring has been inspired by one of the prettiest of English meadow flowers: the Buttercup. This statement creation showcases a 4.02ct Diamond flanked by rows of petals delicately set with Pave Diamonds.
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