The Baglioni Hotel London – an amazing experience for elegant travellers

The Baglioni Hotel London (part of The Leading Hotels of the World) is an authentic, high class, corner of Italy situated in the pulsating heart of London, facing Kensinghton Palace. One might argue that creating some true Italian vibes in a setting within one of the most modern and multi-cultural capitals of Europe might be a hard task, but the authenticity of this establishment is absolutely perfect.



Everything, from the style of the rooms and decor to the kindness and competence of the staff, had a high class, Southern European feel. Even though I was in London, my stay at the hotel made me feel like I was in Rome or Venice and this was particularly so with the prized, custom Murano decor that gives the hotel its unique look and character.


I had the chance to stay in a Deluxe Junior Suite, a very large room that definitely exceeded the normal luxury standards of London. The room was comfortable with a unique layout and ample space including a living room area equipped with TV and a really large walk-in dressing room – great for all the fashion lovers out there who are looking for a luxury stay in London, both for themselves and their clothes!


Last but not least, the Italian-style coffee machine provided in the room contributed to the genuine authenticity of the hotel. I had pleasure dealing with the experienced, polite and courteous staff including Bill, the concierge, and Alessandro Convertino, the General Manager who works tirelessly to make sure that guests are having the best possible stay at all times. The hotel is relatively small with only 67 rooms (45 of them being suites) and my stay felt cosy and comfortable, just like being welcomed into the heart of a true Italian palazzo.





Among the many features of the hotel, guests even have a chauffeur driven Maserati Quattro Porte at their disposal – perfect if you need a ride to a morning meeting or to a shopping or museum experience in Central London. The hotel treats you to a really nice breakfast where you can enjoy the best espresso in London (the baristas are true artistes) as well as a wide selection of fine pastries, freshly squeezed juices and more. If you are not in the mood for a continental breakfast, you can even follow the British tradition with some quality sausages and scrambled eggs!


When using your free time, this newly-renovated hotel offers facilities such as a luxury gym where the fitness equipment and the Personal Trainer Linn Hansen is top notch.


The Spa is a real must. I had a wonderful 45-minute, Gents Facial Treatment from one of their highly skilled practitioners. It was fantastic and left me feeling fresh and looking many years younger. I really recommend it, even if you are not a guest of the hotel.



The hotel’s restaurant, Brunello, is also one of the best places to sample the flavours of Italy in London. The experienced chef uses quality products imported directly from Sicily, Puglia and other Italian regions. Dishes include specialties from different areas around the country including Parmigiana Di Melanzane, a wonderful Wild Mushroom Risotto, burrata and more.

Ultimately, I would recommend this hotel because it is luxurious while still remaining comfortable and intimate. It has great facilities which will turn any stay (from a business trip to a romantic getaway) into a highly memorable and pleasant experience. The convenient location of the hotel really adds to its appeal as it is located between Hyde Park and Kensington High Street in one of London’s finest neighbourhoods.

The Baglioni Hotel offers an authentic, luxury experience from staff who truly understand that “luxury” isn’t just about flashing the silverware and raising the price tag, but is really all about offering true value to customers in terms of comfort, enjoyment, flexibility and also taste which, in the case of the excellent restaurant, adds something truly special to the hotel’s Italian theme and heritage.

Dare I even say that The Baglioni managed to capture the essence and style of true, Italian, high-class hospitality better than some actual Italian hotels? Being far away from the tourist expectations associated with visiting Italy, the hotel staff really only need to worry about the substance: making guests feel truly at home and wanting to return soon, on their next visit to Italy… Oops, I mean London!

Baglioni London – 60 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5BB – book direcltly on their site