Sixtyone in London a fabulous food experience

As one of the most prestigious restaurants in London, Sixtyone is characterised by a truly unprecedented attention to detail on all levels, from presentation to substance. The atmosphere of the restaurant is absolutely impeccable: modern, yet classic; refined and discreet; making for an ideal setting to a great meal.

The food served in this restaurant is absolutely the star of the show, as chef extraordinaire, Arnaud Stevens Chef Patron takes great pride in using some of the highest quality produce available on the market. The commitment and dedication to serving nothing but the very best available is truly inspiring and has become an important part of the restaurant’s concept and aesthetics. So much so that the menu features detailed information about the ingredients, including supplier’s names and even the distance (in miles) from the restaurant!

Sixtyone octopus carpaccio s

The foundations for a great dinner are all here: stunning restaurant, world-class chef at work with a great team of professionals and premium local produce. Did my experience live up to expectations?


Well, absolutely. Chef Stevens is a true professional, and also known for working with popular TV chefs and restaurant business moguls like Gordon Ramsey. He has dreamed up Sixtyone as a part of The Montcalm Hotel, and teamed up with head chef Killian Lynch, also his protégé.

When I arrived at the establishment, I could immediately empathize with the entire concept: enjoying quality local food with ingredients that are sourced between 30 and 283 miles from the premises, cooked by top rated chefs and enjoyed within a comfortable setting.



The dinner started with an incredibly tasty cauliflower soup. Warm, rich, earthy and seasoned just right. Right after the cauliflower soup, we moved on to something quite unique: slow-cooked duck egg with truffle. This dish was really interesting because it was cooked perfectly and the balance of flavours was really outstanding. The slow cooking time allowed the natural aroma and taste of the egg to spring out and blend in really well with the truffle and its very distinctive accent. None of the elements were overpowering within the recipe and the dish managed to achieve a very subtle harmony.

Later, we had a taste of something in the vein of tradition, with the Herdwick lamb shoulder with pickled garlic, onion and carrots. This particular meat cut is probably one of the hardest to cook just right because it is so easy to overcook, and will taste dry and chewy if undercooked. In this particular case, everything was just perfect. The textures were as they should be, and the distinctive flavour of lamb reached new heights thanks to the masterful implementation of vegetables and seasoning.

Finally, we indulged in a rich dessert: a salted caramel chocolate tart with marshmallow! Fun, playful and textural, this dessert was certainly a satisfying finale to a dinner that I will remember for some time to come.

In conclusion, Sixtyone is a great restaurant, particularly so if you consider “subtlety” as a great expression of culinary art. Chef Stevens and Killian Lynch are true masters when it comes to transforming excellent ingredients into well-executed culinary concept. The quality of the produce used isn’t masked or de-natured, on the contrary it is highlighted and celebrated.

Sixtyone -61 Upper Berkeley Street, London W1H 7PP – infos and booking on their site