Porto advices for the discerning traveler

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city after Lisbon, and the very place that produced Port Wine and gave Portugal its name. This city built on a hill, and overlooking the Douro river, has much on offer so that this city can appeal to any traveller whatever their budget; in particular a haven of shopping and wineries.



Like any city, Porto is full of shops selling pretty much anything you can think of and spans across chain stores, artisan markets and unique bespoke shops. Some shops are just so wonderful that even if you haven’t any money, you should definitely check them out. One of these is ‘A Vida Portuguesa’; a store centred around beautiful Portuguese products.


Another such shop is the Livrario Lello (Lello Bookstore) is one of Portugal’s oldest bookshops and is stunning to behold. It is architecturally magnificent and Lonely Planet named it the third best bookstore in the world. Even if you haven’t a eurocent to spend here, it is well worth the visit just for its majestic atmosphere and sheer beauty.


Given that Portugal is the very place that produces port wine, it is no surprise that there are many wineries that are open to visitors for tours and sampling; two such wineries are Taylor’s Port and Ferreira. Taylor’s Port was founded in 1692, one of the oldest wine houses in the country, and is still up and running as a family business offering some of the highest class Port around.


Ferreira was founded a little later in the 18th century and made its owner the richest woman in Portugal at the time. Visits here enable you to dive into the history of the winery and of wine itself.


Porto is also full of places of interest such as the ‘Ponte D. Luis I’ bridge, the River Douro, Zona Ribeirinha and the Palacio da Bolsa ensuring that the city literally has something for everyone.