Nipa Thai has a stunning new design

Renowned Thai food restaurant, Nipa Thai, has proudly re-opened its doors following a stunning new redesign. Situated next to Hyde Park, guests are invited to come and enjoy unrivalled hospitality in a new restaurant that somehow feels familiar. Famous for its authentic Thai cuisine, prepared by an all-female kitchen, Nipa Thai combines luxury dining with an atmosphere of elegance.

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Presently displaying an alluring new interior, diners will find, since its re-opening on November 10th 2014, that modern adornments combine beautifully with traditional Thai furnishings. Upon walking through the double-glassed doors into the reception, the eyes are drawn to a vase replete with white orchids. With artworks of Thai Buddha embellishing the entrance, a tranquil ambience is felt from the onset of arrival.

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The restaurant’s celebrated female-only kitchen brigade is overseen by Sanguan Parr, Nipa Thai’s new Head Chef. Sanguan entered the UK in 1984, and has served the Nipa establishment for 16 years thus far. Originating from Thailand, Sanguan worked as an Administrative Chef in the beloved eatery, before working as a Sous Chef until her new appointment.

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Despite a new feel to Nipa Thai, traditional cuisine still graces the menu. Combinations of spice and sweetness originating from central Thailand are naturally available for order. Each recipe remains true to the original, adding and subtracting only what is needed to give each dish a modernly appreciated flavour. Specials consist of mouthwatering dishes such as Pla Tod Kra Tiem and Koong Manhkorn Phad Char.

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Nipa Thai has been formally recognised for its services to the culinary industry and has received the respected “Thai Select” award issued by the Thai Government for its much-loved food. Along with such palatable main courses goes an a la carte menu, which includes sought-after starters like Por Pia Tod. Those with a penchant for sweetness can conclude their experience with authentic desserts such as Kaow Niew Moung.

Overlooking this efficient, delicately balanced operation is the restaurant’s manager Kaseam Jongpitakrat, who has offered his services to the establishment since its inception in 1996. Guests can expect to pay £40 for a three course meal with wine. Dinner opening times are 5pm – 10.30pm, seven days per week.

Nipa Thai Restaurant
Lancaster Terrace London W2 2TY
phone: 020 7551 6039
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