My secret foodies spots in Malta

Malta is not worth being visited just for its blue waters and spectacular beaches. Foodies should know that this destination one of the best you can choose if you want to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience. What will you find in Malta? The dishes served here as a very interesting mix of Maltese recipes, organic produces grown locally, seafood, with strong British and Sicilian influences at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that local Maltese wines are truly something special and would deserve a special rating, due to the fact that they are excellent high-quality wines. To make it easier for you when you visit Malta, I will share some of my culinary experience and mention the restaurants that managed to capture my attention in a very pleasant manner.

• Ta’xbiex Waterpolo Club


Established back in the 1940s, this restaurant is still going strong after so many years of activity. Dining there is more than just enjoying great food, but also spoiling your eyesight with stunning views over the 3 cities and the famous La Valetta. The best table at this restaurant is, if you ask me, is on the terrace, on the first row next to the waterfront. When the sun shines, you get to enjoy great weather and beautiful sea views. I truly enjoyed their octopus salad, with ingredients freshly caught earlier during the day. Their grilled fish dishes and seafood pasta are also worth trying, as they are simply delicious. Also, the desserts managed to make a good impression as well, ending my dining experience in a very fine manner. The staff was very friendly and professional, so I was pleasantly impressed by the services. I also noticed that it is a preferred spot for local people, especially jet-set Maltese.

• Enchanté restaurant Sanglea


According to my opinion, this is the best restaurant you can find on the quiet jet-set Maltese marina. During sunny days, I love serving food at a table outside, where I can enjoy the views offered by the marina and look at the Megayachts circling the area. The staff members here are great, food is delicious, and wine of excellent quality. The seafood served here is very fresh, captured during the first hours of the morning and served on that same day. Their Nero Tagliatelle seafood impressed me with a set of beautiful flavors, so I can easily say that this was one of the favorite dishes here.

• Hotel Pheonicia Palm Court Lounge  Tea Time


This place maintains the well-known British afternoon tea ritual very much alive. It is an elegant art deco palace, with a lobby area specially destined for tea time. They serve incredible scones, which, I have to admit, could easily compete with the ones you can find in London. In the menu, you will find the delicious Jing tea or Earl Grey, an excellent choice for any foodie, as it is perfectly accompanied by cream and jam. If you want to step out of the patterns, you can opt for their Champagne tea time and choose from their impressive Duval Leroy champagne selection. This treat will cost you about 40 euros, which is a great deal considering the fact that you are in an exquisite and iconic location in Malta.

Malta left a nice print in my memories during my stay there. While there are other great locations where you can enjoy delicious food and great wines in Malta, these three locations are definitely worth visiting, because they will certainly not disappoint you.

Ta’xbiex Waterpolo Club
ix-Xatt Ta’ Xbiex, Ta’ Xbiex, Malta

Enchanté restaurant Sanglea
Triq Ix Xatt Juan B. Azzopardo

The Phoenicia Malta
The Mall, FRN1478, Floriana, Malta