Luxury and Romance: Ellerman House Bantry Bay

Great memories arise as I think back on our wonderful Honeymoon in South-Africa. After an amazing luxurious safari experience in Tswalu, the largest private game reserve in South-Africa, my lovely husband surprised me once more. As a wedding gift, my husband arranged the full honeymoon and one surprise followed the other. It was a breathtaking adventure full of luxury, romance and opulence.


We took the private jet belonging to the Oppenheimer family, owners of the Tswalu Kalahari and flew to sunny and cosmopolitan Cape Town. Our choice of the hot spots we stay in, whether it is a hotel, lodge or B&B, is definitely a crucial condition to make our holidays a success. After visiting the beauty of unseen places throughout the day, I want to be able to come home in my hotel with all the facilities and luxury I have at home. I clearly will never be a backpacker!

As my love made all the choices, one might think I would be a little stressed out, knowing my high expectations, but there isn’t a single brain cell that would have doubts about the excellent choices my love makes.

It is a clear fact,he knows his lady well.


The taxi driver took us to Ellerman House, where we were about to stay 4 nights. Upon arrival, you might wonder whether you are on the right address, because the building has a quite modest, discreet facade in front. Hardly any visible signs to spot the entrance of the luxurious hideaway which is part of “Relais & Châteaux”, the association of world’s finest hotels and restaurants.

It must be on purpose that the place is quite discreet on the outside, as the hotel wants to offer privacy and a homey feeling within their intimate elopement.


The lady of the House, called Ella, welcomed us from the moment we stepped out of the taxi and gave us a tour in the marvelous Edwardian mansion. “People should feel as if they come at home” Ella said “you can just leave your room key in the basket at the entrance, just like you might do at home.” And I did feel at home right away! Gosh, what a place! Every single detail whispered pure luxury. Whether it was the mansion itself, the stunning ocean view from our room’s open, shaded veranda, the impressive art collection throughout the whole house, the elegant terrace where we had breakfast and lunch, … it was truly a show-stopping experience for us, newlyweds.


If we wanted a snack or a drink, we could always go to the mini-kitchen, open for guests day and night. The fridge was full of delectable bites, tarts, yoghurts, sandwiches, nuts, candy and so much more. It is actually wise not to stop by or your amount of daily calories will skyrocket!


The full staff is so friendly, extremely client-oriented and working hard with an authentic passion to make your stay as wonderful as possible. For honeymooners, Ellerman House offers even more … Red roses, champagne and delicious strawberries dipped in chocolate were delivered in our room. At dinner, our table was decorated with red and pink rose petals. I can hardly describe the feelings I had right at that moment … everything was just spot on: the beauty of the sky turning twilight blue, the stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean, the fine dining, the personal attention and service from the waiters and of course the joy, the thrilling joy of having such a romantic dinner with the love of my life. And it did not stop there … once we came back into our room after dinner, the staff lit some candles near the bathtub and decorated each corner with lovely rose petals as well. Can honeymooners ask for more?


On the last day at Ellerman House, we just stayed in. We had a delicious breakfast brought into our room and enjoyed it from our room’s terrace, visited the extensive art collection, indulged some more fine foods, and relaxed beside the pool in the best loungers I’ve ever laid in, gosh those cushions were so thick and comfortable, the best spot to daydream of our lovely time we had at Ellerman House. We were truly sad to leave our haven of romance and will be back for sure.


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