L’Anima Cafe – real taste of Southern Italy in London

If you’re looking for exquisite traditional Italian food in a casual but still classy environment, look no further than L’Anima Café. Inspired by the more formal L’Anima Restaurant, the café features some of Italy’s finest dishes in a relaxed atmosphere that combines family-style seating with modern Italian furnishings. Only one block away from Chef Francesco Mazzei’s L’Anima restaurant, L’Anima Café has the same finesse with a more laid-back atmosphere.


At L’Anima Café, you’ll find more than just a casual dining spot with an expansive and delicious menu. You can also enjoy a full bar from 12 noon until midnight, a retail deli filled with fresh Italian salads, decadent sliced pizzas and sweet treats, plus exclusive L’Anima Café designer goods such as coffee pots to enjoy right at home.


Just like L’Anima Restaurant, the menu at the café displays the best of Southern Italian cuisine, with an emphasis on dishes from Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria and Puglia including Pasta Straccio ai Frutti di Mare (Seafood Baked Pasta), Impepata di Cozze e Vongole (Steamed Cornish Mussels, Clams, Basil Sauce) and Pizza Provatura e Broccoli (Mozzarella, Calabrian Sausage, Broccoli, Grana Padano).

Despite the fancy names of the dishes, the presentation reflects simple elegance, and the sizes of dishes are moderate yet filling. L’Anima Café focuses on providing guests with a quality Italian dining experience at an affordable price and a homey but chic atmosphere. The tables are designed for families, furnished with rich wood and topped with quaint green plants as centerpieces. Soft lighting showcases a shelf filled of items for sale at The Deli at L’Anima Café . Don’t be fooled by the more casual feel of the restaurant – the food is top notch and holds up to L’Anima’s highest standards.


I recently tried out L’Anima for the first time, and the dining experience was just as I thought it would be, crowded but relaxed with people unwinding after work and enjoying drinks and dinner together. For my first meal at L’Anima, I tried as Antipasti Tonno crudo (£12), raw fillet of tuna, celery and Amalfi lemon dressing, perfect taste and exquisite flavors and Carpaccio di manzo (£12) a beef carpaccio with blue Ovinsardo dressing that was smooth sliced beef with a soft, buttery texture, It was follow by a memorable Cannelloni (£8.5) filled with ricotta and herbs, so exquisite taste that you remember for days after, like the Italy cooking of “la Mama”. The Secondi was a Tagliata di manzo (£18.5) Sliced sirloin, rocket, aged Grana Padano, a great plate, top quality meat and very nice Rucola,

I didn’t have room for the delectable desserts, as the plates are generous, just like family dinners in Southern Italy. I will have to come back next time to try some of the chef’s treats.

Chef Luca Terraneo provides consistent, quality cuisine and a dining experience that matches the delicious food. He goes above and beyond guest expectations, and his success is shown by the popularity of the restaurant, it is wise to make a reservation, If you want to dine somewhere a bit less posh than, L Anima Café will deliver the perfect combination of mouth-watering dishes, selected italian wines and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

L’Anima Cafe
10 Appold Street.
London, EC2A 2AP
Ph: +44 (020) 7422 7080
See the menus and book on their website