Il Gallo D’Oro only one star Michelin in Madeira chef Benoit Sinthon

Gallo Doro Funchal Madeira

Situated in luxury Cliff Bay Hotel, the Il Gallo D’Oro is one of the restaurants on the Madeira known for its sophistication and wonderful ambience. My wife and I decided to explore the restaurant and experience the wonders of the only restaurant with a Michelin star on the Madeira. The experience was in one word, AMAZING!!!

Gallo Doro Madeira

Il Gallo Doro  Fuchal interior

The restaurant has a welcoming aura enhanced by the décor that just makes you want to stay there and explore further, and with the beautifully executed dishes of Chef Benoît Sinthon who has been in charge since 2004, one would have no reason to leave in a hurry. The décor, the kitchen, the wine, the service and the music all blend together to create a fine balance between contemporary and classical style.

AmuseBouche Il Gallo Doro Madaira


The Mise en Bouche reflect the creativity of the chef, perfect with a glass of Pommery Brut. I started with the signature dish the tasty Duo de Foie Gras , while my wife had the Golden Ball by Benoit Sinthon which was literally a ball with three layers of dishes consisting of langoustine, fish tartar and local squids, amazing piece of art and so great in mouth. The sommelier advice us an Alvarinho Contacto 2015 by Ansemo Mendes.

Duo de Foie gras Chef Benoit  Sinthon


Golden Ball Ronaldo interior by Chef Benoit Sinthon

Portuguese Scarlet Shrimp Chef Benoit Sinthon

Next, we had the Portuguese Scarlet Shrimp which was a perfect equilibrium of flavors better than any shrimp I had tasted. The creative and refined blend of ingredients presented us with a truly remarkable dish that left us with the feeling of being in a two stars restaurants. My wife had a top-notch COAST LINE FISH “SPRING 2016” with asparagus temptation and Caviar . The wine was a Donna Maria 2014 Julio Basios.

Pigeon Eucalyptus by Chef Benoit Sinthon

Coast line fish  asparagus temptation and Caviar

The highlight of the evening was the Pigeon Eucalyptus 2015/2016 which was prepared at the table. The excitement of watching the Maitre d’Hotel prepare the meal was well rewarded with the wonderful taste and blend of unique flavors reminiscent of the Madeira forest. The wine was a Quinta Da Falorca Rosé 2014.

Macaron by Il Gallo D Oro

For dessert, I had the Macaron by Il Gallo D’Oro  which was refined with the taste of several exotic Madeira fruits, while my wife had the Strawberry world, an equally exceptional blend of complex flavors. As dessert wine we tasted a glass of Blandy’s Rich 10 years Madeira wine.

The dishes were beautiful works of art to behold, the tastes were worth the wait and the wine selection made our evening at the Il Gallo D’Oro sublime, to say the least. The service as well as the ambience serves to enhance the appeal of this restaurant. The Il Gallo D’Oro deserves every point on its Michelin Star and more. You should pay this restaurant a visit and I bet you will be ready to take a flight just to have a repeated experience with Chef Benoît Sinthon.

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