Hotel Amphitheatre in Arles charming 17th century mansion

Prepare for one of the most charming and enchanting experiences when you visit the Hotel Amphitheatre in the old French city of Arles. Amazingly located right in the heart of the historic city of Arles, one of the most picturesque and original towns of southern France, the Hotel Amphitheatre boasts with romanticism and class, offering a magnificent opportunity to spend some high quality time in this charming French atmosphere. The hotel is wonderfully located close to the main sights of Arles, one of the best destinations along the Mediterranean coast of Provence. The Arles Amphitheatre and the Roman Theatre are located just a few blocks from the hotel, offering the perfect setting for a world class unique accommodation. Everything else in Arles is also in walking distance, the hotel itself being a true work of art.


Hotel Amphitheatre is located inside a 17th century mansion, a truly old aristocratic house, offering a unique chance to get a feel of luxury, without any type of opulence, creating a rather warm and romantic atmosphere. The entrance to the hotel consists of a medieval looking hallway, leading towards the reception and the small but exceptionally pleasant courtyard and into the classy breakfast room, where guests can get the most delicious French breakfasts listening to quality opera music. The hotel offers the best traditional breakfast that Provence has to offer, with tasty bakery products and jams, all in the bio spirit of exceptional cuisine. Hotel Amphitheatre is perfect for both families visiting the ancient city of Arles, as well as business visitors traveling to southern France, offering a perfect combination of luxury and comfort, class and style.


The Hotel Amphitheatre offers accommodation in 33 elegant rooms, all with a unique style, carefully and minimally equipped. The rooms have different capacities and many of them feature amazing views over the surrounding square and the old city of Arles. The hotel is perfect for people looking for unique experiences in unique boutique hotels, with some exceptional features, including the very building the hotel is located in, the location right next to the city’s main attractions, the classic design and the perfect services. While the luxury hotel Jules Cesar will remain closed to be redecorated by the famous Christian Lacroix, Hotel Amphitheatre remains the best option and unique accommodation experience in the centre of Arles.

Hotel de l’Ampithéâtre

5 / 7 rue Diderot 13200 Arles France
Phone : (33) 04 90 96 10 30