Gentlemen Sport AM third edition 22nd to 24th July – Tolcinasco Golf Club Milano

From 22nd to 24th July, at Tolcinasco Golf Club, in Milan, took place the third edition of Gentlemen Sport AM, a unique and exclusive event with the participation of many very famous sportsmen, showmen, journalists and managers. We are talking about world class level professionals, who wrote the history of football, entertainment and business worldwide, all united by their great passion for hitting a small ball all around a golf course.

Organized by Yvon Franzoni, a former soccer player with the passion for golf, and a few friends, the competition took place from Saturday to Monday, with around 70 golfers, 35 from France and 35 from Italy.

France captain was Alain Boghossian, world champion with France in 1998, while on the Italian side the team leader was Giuseppe Dossena, world champion with Italy, in 1982.


Among others, Italian players were Gianfranco Zola, Mauro Tassotti, Daniele Massaro, Michele Paramatti, Jonatan Binotto, Stefan Schwoch, Andrea Bricchi, Stefano Masciarelli, Salvatore Fresi, Christian Panucci and Paolo Cristallini. While for France Eric Roy, Frédéric Dehu, Stéphane Porato, Gael Givet, Laurent Blanc et Alain Carbonelle.

Besides golf, players participated to some press moments, gala dinners, disco parties and side activities, such as tennis, paddle, cocktail parties and DJ sets, between the Four Seasons hotel, via Montenapoleone, Club 55 and Just Cavalli.

The event had a charity backbone, as LILT, the Italian association for the screening and prevention of neoplastic illness, got a big part of donations, in particular for a brand-new machine, related to the prevention of breast pathologies.

Hereunder we report a few comments and pictures, about golf, charity and sport, of some of the most famous persons taking part to this journey.



Inafranco Zola, a former Chelsea player, who lives in London, stated: “I learned to play golf in England, during my Chelsea period. I love this sport. I play as soon as I can, all over the world. I am very happy being here, with my friends, for this special tournament! It’s a good opportunity for having fun and meeting old friends!”.

Daniele Massaro, which was just back from a Chinese trip, following AC Milan, stated he adores golf, even more than football, probably. He spoke about the new AC Milan era. He is fully convinced that the red and black can get back to their gorgeous history of success.

Giuseppe Dossena and Alain Boghossian made a very nice speech about how funny is to play with a Ryder Cup formula, choosing teams and putting players together, depending on their characteristics.



Andrea Bricchi, business man, manager and organizer of some other very famous Charity events in Italy, was very happy about his golf: “I am really happy being here! It was a pleasure being invited by the organizers and by Mr. Masullo’s Golden Ring, in such a beautiful place! I am very honored being here and playing for Italy. I am doing my best, even if the guys here are really like professional golfers! Alain is playing a -1 hcp! Gianfranco plays 4 such as Daniele and Michele. It’s quite hard, still great! And it’s for charity, so I am really having fun! And for the gala dinner I have no rivals, there I am the real professional!”, stated smiling and embracing Zola and Binotto.

Stefan Schwoch, former striker of Venezia, gave his best during the fashion defilée at Club 55, when he joined the beautiful models, having a standing ovation of all the parterre.

Very nice the conduction of two charming women: Claudia Peroni and Gabriella Golia, from Mediaset, the Berlusconi’s television. They drove the evenings and the charity auction, which included some original Andy Warhol paintings, in a perfect way! And they underlined the importance of the charity side of the event: “Every year we improve the healing of patients. That’s why we need to give!”.

It’s was very funny when some journalist of Gazzetta dello Sport gave to Zola and Dossena a copy of the first page about Italy defeating France in the 2006 World Cup finals. They forwarded it to Laurent Blanc and Alain Boghossian, with all people smiling and clapping hands.

At the end Italy won the game and everybody was celebrating at Just Cavalli, in a charming atmosphere.

Between sport, luxury, charity and very famous people, this tournament was a big success! Next steps will be in China, Dubai and probably Monaco. To be continued.