Corinthia St George’s Bay a true luxury hotel in Malta

Pools Corinthia St Georges Bay Malta

Malta is a great destination, whether you are looking for a place for your vacation or you just need to go there for business. In my opinion, if you want to enjoy a 5-star experience in Malta, you need to go for the  Corinthia  St George’s Bay  Hotel. I know I did and I do not regret my choice at all. It is located in the St. Julian city, being conveniently close to a multitude of restaurants and bars. Other luxurious hotels are also nearby, like Hilton, Intercontinental, and Westin, which means that you will have the same view as they do. What I liked most about the Corinthia St George’s Bay, in comparison with other 5-star hotels, was the private, calm, and quiet atmosphere. The service was extremely discreet, so that you could indeed enjoy your stay without anything bothering you.

Malta Corinthia Saint Georges Bay

Me and my wife decided to stay for 8 nights at the Corinthia St George’s Bay, for our trip to Malta. Our executive suite at was very beautiful and spacious. The suite had a very generous room and two balconies with a spectacular view, and a separate salon equipped with a desk. I loved using this salon when I needed to work, allowing my wife to sleep undisturbed in the other room. Speaking about work, the speed of the Internet is impressive here, in comparison with other islands like Greek islands, probably because Malta hosts many companies in the tech industry. The entire suite had all the amenities you would expect from a 5-star hotel and I can’t mention anything that was missing. The bathroom was also elegant, decorated with marble, the only things I can comment on is the fact that it was only one bathroom and it was slightly small. Still, all the personal care products were of high-quality, being ESPA products. I also want to mention the outstanding housekeeping of the hotel, which rose to the reputation of such a hotel.

 Malta Corinthia St Georges Bay

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The hotel also has an executive lounge, where you can enjoy, every day from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., complimentary wine and delicious food. And when I say food, I am talking about warm food, not just tapas that are served in the lounges of most hotels. The luxury lobby is another pleasant corner of the hotel, where a pianist constantly creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Afternoon Tea time in Malta at Corinthia

You can enjoy a typical british tea time or a drink while you relax and enjoy the music.

i,dooor pool Corinthia St Georges Bay Malta

Malta Lido pool at Corinthia St George's Bay

t Corinthia St George's Bay  beach in Malta island

The hotel also has 7 pools, which includes a warm indoor pool, and a spa. We loved spending time at the pool called Lido, where even if it was slightly cold, we enjoy a beautiful view towards the sea and the garden that surrounded it. We also tried the Apollo spa treatments; my wife had an anti-stress massage while I enjoyed a great facial treatment. In my opinion, these treatments were worth it, their effect being long lasting and more accessible than in England.

Malta best restaurant Caviar & Bull

If I had to mention a restaurant where we enjoyed eating, it would have to be the Caviar and Bull, the gastronomic restaurant of this Corinthia resort. We had lunch here and it was perfect, definitely deserving 1 Michelin star, even if there aren’t any restaurants with Michelin stars in Malta. At the hotel, the breakfast buffet was quite generous. We enjoyed omelet and fried eggs, homemade jams, pancakes, cheese selections, and a nice classical English breakfast with delicious sausages. I a bit disappointed by the scrambled eggs still, as it was dry, but the situation was rapidly fixed as I got a fresh one right away from the show cooker. Honestly, it is a wonderful and luxurious hotel, perfect both for holidays but also for business trips.

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