Corinthia Hotel Budapest, a unique guest experience

On my last visit to Budapest, I had the chance to experience a stay at the historic Corinthia Hotel Budapest. This establishment is a local institution, as it is one of the most iconic local hotels with a truly extensive history, boasting a classic European style and a stunning decor. Dating to the XIX century, The Corinthia Hotel is an absolute synonym of quality hospitality, forever embedded within the cultural fabric of Budapest, one of Europe’s most charming capital cities.

Lobby Corinthia Budapest

The Corinthia Hotel enjoyed newfound glory back when the Pisani family embarked on the not-so-easy endeavour of renovating the hotel building. Even though restoring the old glory of the hotel was not an easy task, the family’s efforts and investments were most definitely not in vain, and they obviously paid dividends. With the works and improvements brought on by the Pisani family, the Corinthia Hotel Royal finally rose to become one of Budapest’s most remarkable architectural wonders and arguably one of the country’s most famous hotel establishments; particularly because of its magnificent lobby and its elegant decor.

Room Presidential Suite Corinthia Budapest

The Corinthia is well known for treating guests from all over the world to a one-of-a-kind spectacle and an experience for all senses; from the excellent cuisines to the comfortable spa, the beautiful art style and the relaxing and spacious room environments. I was immediately charmed by the beautiful aesthetic and the timeless decor, and I immediately understood why many celebrities and socialites from all over the world prefer to stay here during their visits to Budapest, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is often found in the presidential suite of this hotel when visiting the Hungarian capital city. Such suite, by the way, is reportedly the largest in the city, boasting over 270 square feet of space for the guest.

Executive suite one bedromm Corinthia Budapest

new  Executive One Bedroom Suite Corinthia Budapest

new Room_Executive One Bedroom Suite Corinthia Busdapest

I managed to book the executive suite, and the experience was lovely. Guests had access to an executive lounge, where they were treated to many great refreshments and exquisite snacks, and a dedicated concierge service and a discreet lounge environment that felt as comfortable as a home. Our room was  70 square meters, and the interior design was friendly, cozy and warm, and despite the timeless classic looks with an old-fashioned feel, the room was equipped with the very latest regarding modern comfort and hospitality industry standards.

Atrium Brasserie breakfast Corinthia Budapest

One of the first things I’d like to mention is the wonderful breakfast we had the chance to experience at the famous Brasserie & Atrium, within the hotel itself. The breakfast buffet is luxurious, rich and delicious, boasting a vast selection of great continental favourites and prized local classics, such as quality eggs and sausages. The breakfast buffet was also perfect for health conscious hotel guests looking to start the morning with something more balanced and suitable for their specific dietary needs. The atmosphere at the Atrium is also very nice, exactly what you would expect from such a classy environment. Even at its busiest, the room never feels crowded because the tables are relatively distant from one another, allowing guests to enjoy their privacy and their breakfast without feeling cramped in a large buffet serving room. However, for all those people looking to enjoy their breakfast within an even more intimate and personal setting, the hotel allows guests members of the Executive Club to have a lighter breakfast at the Executive Lounge, which is perfect for such a purpose.

The Atrium restaurant is not just a great place for quality breakfast meals: the establishment is a renowned fine dining destination in Budapest, and it is a place where guests and visitors can enjoy some of the best meals in the city; particularly for the perfect execution of classic local recipes and European favourites.

Corinthia Budapest Royal Spa

The hotel is also home to the very famous Art Deco Royal Spa, one of the most luxurious of its kind in the city. If you are looking for a relaxing experience, look no further, because this is where you can enjoy all the comfort you would expect from a high-end spa within a unique artistic setting and with a decor to die for, in line with the hotel’s beautiful aesthetics and charming interior design. Enjoy some relaxation time in one of the two jacuzzi’s or enjoy some rest for your senses to experience some refreshing luxury spa atmosphere or a unique ESPA treatment with an expert therapist.

With the Four Season Gresham, Corinthia Budapest definitely offers the best luxury stay in the city of Budapest and even in the whole of Hungary. This is the only hotel with an incredible spa service and with such great history dating to the establishment’s origins in the XIX century, where this place was a preferred spot for members of the European elite.

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