Châteaux & Hôtels Collection top choice for discerning travelers

“Whether it’s a bastide in Provence or the restaurant of a young chef in Italy, the journey has to be an experience.” 

Alain Ducasse

Even though it might be only a very small paragraph, the aforementioned quote perfectly sums up Alain Ducasse and his approach to the hospitality industry. Being quite the veteran hotel and restaurant entrepreneur, Mr. Ducasse is one of the most respected professionals at the highest levels within the industry. His approach to luxury is much more than just expensive price tags and uninspiring, lavish aesthetics. Ducasse goes to great lengths to ensure that his guests will not only enjoy a fantastic meal or a delightful stay, but take home an experience they can treasure for life, and share with friends and family.

Chateau de Vollore facade@ChateauxetHotelsCollection


For more than four decades, the prestigious name of the Châteaux & Hôtels Collection has been quintessentially about elegance and class. It is about capturing Ducasse’s forward-thinking spirit, which is so relevant and compelling even after 40 years, and treating guests to true life experiences that will satisfy their appetite for comfort, adventure and a sense of authenticity that only the most genuinely charming settings can provide. Mr Xavier Alberti, the General Manager of the brand is hihly recognised in the Hospitality Industry for is vision combining tradition and a new approach of luxury travelers needs, Despite the brand dating back to 1975, it is only now making its grand foray into the UK with a stunning, additional range of hospitality establishments on a par with Europe´s finest.


Lodge St Victoire (c) C (2)

“Leave the well-trodden paths to those lacking in imagination. Opt for authentic
charm and take yourself off down less well-known paths, they lead straight to happiness”

La Bouitte plat 2@DR

Staying at any of the properties within the Châteaux & Hôtels Collection is going to be an integral part of your journey. You will be able to enjoy every single minute of it, right up to the moment when you go to sleep and from the moment you wake up. This chain of establishments is all about taking those little everyday routines of hotel living and turning them into rituals to be savoured. From the simple pleasure of sinking into a soft, comfortable bed to enjoying a world-class dinner prepared by the finest craftsmen and culinary experts, every detail matters because they are all part of your unique journey.
Whether you are seeking a short and pleasant getaway or an adventure abroad, Châteaux & Hôtels’ vast choice (that quite literally helped redefine Europe’s elite in terms of hospitality and restaurants) will certainly offer you something that resonates with your own particular needs and style. A quick search on the brand’s official UK website,, will yield many alternatives, as well as providing the latest information on the most popular destinations within the collection at any given moment. It is possible to obtain up-to-date pricing and booking information and to arrange your stay in just a few simple clicks.

With these exciting new additions from the UK, the portfolio of services and destinations has become even more alluring! This list, which includes premium establishments ranging from rustic to luxurious in countries such as France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland, has something for everyone. It is produced under the guidance of one of Europe’s most recognizable restaurateurs with pride and enthusiasm for delivering a truly great service. Ducasse and his team do not see themselves as restaurateurs or hoteliers, but as authentic craftsmen who are deeply and genuinely passionate about their lives’ work.

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