Bar Boulud London – a top foodie experience

Bar Boulud set out to earn an excellent reputation in town; not only on the merits of talented and creative Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, but also on the ground of the remarkably well-executed concept driving the restaurant’s aesthetic and atmosphere designed by Adam D. Tihany . The excecutive chef is the very talentous Dean Yasharian.


The bistro looks of the establishment bridge the gaps between casual elegance and classic feel, with beautiful walnut-coloured bar stools, comfortable tables and a bright, welcoming dining area. The menu is strongly influenced by rustic French cooking; embracing the finest tradition while allowing the chef’s creativity and versatility flow free and finally express into a diverse and tantalising range of offerings; from fresh seasonal dishes to classic labelled BB beef burgers.

Bar Boulud London



A dining experience at Bar Boulud is a great opportunity to sample many timeless French dishes and flavours. We liked particularly the efficient staff and the warm supervision of the wellknown Maître D’ Paulo de Tarso.


I had the opportunity to sample the house’s Charcuterie Maison, featuring classic recipes from Gilles Verot, one of the most well-known “charcutiers” in Paris. Is it possible to select the charcuterie as a smaller or larger board, but the portions are still very abundant; accompanied by freshly baked rustic bread that highlights the subtleties of the meats.

The charcuterie is best enjoyed accompanied by a French red wine from the Bar’s outstanding and large selection. Interestingly, the bistro offers the possibility to sit at the charcuterie counter, where diners can actually admire the chef’s craftsmanship at work, for an even more authentic and immersive experience!

Among the highlights, it is impossible not to mention the Pâté Grand Mère, made with chicken liver, pork and cognac; or the Jambon De Paris, an excellent house-cured ham that truly managed to bring me back to my grandmother’s house, where she would treat the family to amazing traditional recipes. The dry cured saucisson “jesus” was also worth the money.

Moving on from the generous starters, I ordered a daily dish, “Blanquette de La Mer”. The white stew of monkfish and scallop truly comes to life with the notes of button mushrooms and charlotte potatoes. Also, the chef’s Calvados Shellfish veloutè was perfectly cooked and offered a subtile, yet rich flavours.

To top it all, I finished my dinner with an excellent dessert that bridges the gaps between tradition and modernity: the gateau basques of the house is a really unique interpretation of a true classic.

In conclusion, Bar Boulud truly hits the mark with a particular attention to details and freshness, great atmosphere, and more importantly; a way to offer traditional French recipes in a modern and appealing way.

Bar Boulud London
Mandarin Oriental Hyde
Park66 Knightsbridge London, SW1X 7LA
Phone: +44 (0)20 7201-3899
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