Adamelo ski resort – a cool place to be

If you are thinking about a holiday in the Italian Alps, you will be captured by the beauty of the landscapes and the unbelievable sense of infinity you can taste at Adamello Ski. It is one of the most appreciated ski resorts in the Alps. Set between Lombardia and Trentino, this incredible ski carousel has its center in Pontedilegno-Tonale, in the pure nature of the national Stelvio and Adamello parks. Through magnificent woods along the mountains you will always enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.

Adamello Freestyle Arena

Boring, there, will not be one of your options: with over 100 km of tracks, 30 skilifts and a wide range of touristic, sports and relax options, this location can be considered as one of the most impressive places to be, once you decided to live a high level adventure, in and between a number of given opportunities. Passo Tonale has been the birthplace for generation of skiers. There you will also find easy patterns, great for beginners, without any trees and plenty of open blue sky. If you wish to test your skills, a gondola will take you to Presena Glacier, at 3.000 metres above sea level. There you will find more than 11 km of challenging tracks, till the Pontedilegno glacier, at 1250 meters, and a ski season which continues till late spring.


Aside the sport activities, this beautiful place offers a number of huts scattered along the tracks, where you will taste the typical local dishes, wines and traditions, in a happy and sparkling atmosphere. If you are on a family trip will find here the right answers to all your specific needs of relax and fun, always in touch with the wild nature beauties. The youngsters can take confidence with the snow in the colored Fantaski school camps. Meanwhile you can enjoy the sun or relax in one of the hotels’ wellness and SPA centers.

As soon as it stops snowing, the first to run over that fresh and soft ecstasy at Passo Tonale will be the snowboarders, ready to let their boards glide on this boundless white sea. These huge unpolluted spaces are a real magic place for this kind of skiers, who gather quickly after every snowfall, enjoying all the freedom and joy of such a white wonder. At Passo Tonale you will also find the Adamello Freestyle Arena, with snowpark and skicross tracks, and the Serodine snowpark.

Other sports can be a brilliant choice and a surprise. You can just take a walk with snowshoes along a racy and muffled atmosphere. While a snowkite can give you the thrill of a fast experience in the snow. On a sledge hauled by the husky dogs of Armen Khatchikian’s Sleddog School at Passo Tonale you will feel as if you are in one of those adventure movies, and you will never forget how different can be your perception of such a trial, once you really feel it on your skin.

Uno spuntino sulle piste

And again you can take part to a snowmobile trip and dine out in a mountain hut. Out of the classic routes the bravest skiers will find some of the most spectacular offtracks of the Alps, and even a few icefalls: the Alpine Guides will grant full assistance and teach you how to climb them safely. Cross-country skiers meet their match too: at Pontedilegno, Passo Tonale and Vermiglio you can practice this sport in a particularly striking scenario. In these places, with 35 km of tracks, you can find teachers and rentals. In Vermiglio night skiing is also an option.

A cool day in the snow usually ends in the most fashionable places for a drink and then continues until late night in the discos and pubs, where you can breathe the international atmosphere of this resort which is loved and attended by young people all over Europe. If you are like me this will be the most attractive part of your entire day. Being chilled by a great sports day, and after a relaxing SPA and a warming shower, you will simply need to join the pedestrian area in the Pontedilegno square, just the perfect place for society life, in a wide choice of shops ranging from typical products to haute couture.

Enjoy your appetizers and you will be ready to make your choice between many restaurants, where you can eat local typical dishes, cooked in a traditional or in a modern way; in my opinion the best way to honor such a great experience.

Andrea Bricchi – on twitter @andreabricchi77