You can bank on great food at The Die Bank Hamburg

The Die Bank restaurant is located in the centre of Hamburg in an impressive building that used to be a bank built in 1897. When sitting in the restaurant, one can actually see the doors to the safe. The layout is wonderful and even though the restaurant is relatively expensive, it is still posh and is a favourite place for financial guys and their clients to have business lunches and also relax after a long day.

The chef, Thomas Fischer and his team prepare creative dishes that look appealing and taste great. The lunch menu changes daily, thus making the experience more satisfying if you are a repeat client. The meals are amazingly prepared and the restaurant also offers the A la Carte menu which consist of different fishes, a specialty of the Hamburg region. I had lunch at the Die Bank and the experience was simply great.

Die Bank chef dishes

I had a three course A la Carte, beginning with the cod and vegetables, a creative meal with a modern twist.

Die Bank restaurant Hamburg veal cordon bleu

This was followed by the main dish which was a veal Cordon Bleu served with asparagus, potatoes and tasty vegetables. The meal was fantastic and for dessert,

Die Bank creme brulée restaurant Hamburg

I had a perfectly done WEISSE PFIRSICH CRÈME BRÛLÉE mit Himbeersorbet. The dishes were a beauty to behold and the taste was equally wonderful. The staff were attentive and efficient, and this contributed to making the experience a great one. The only downside was that the acoustic of the building leaves much to be desired.

The restaurant is ideal for clients who need a place that serves great food, looks posh and offers great prices. Little wonder it is a favourite with the financial workers in the area. The impeccable service and fantastic meals make this restaurant a must-visit if you’re ever in the area.

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