What to visit and enjoy in Dubrovnic, Croatia

The city of Dubrovnic is located in Croatia, on the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea. It is a gorgeous city and its location, culture and history are attracting very many tourists here every year. In fact, it is one of the most visited locations in the area. So, if you decide to come here, be prepared to see a lot of very interesting things and have a great time. To avoid being bombarded by a lot of information and finding it hard to decide where to go and what to do, it is best to have a list of interesting objectives and activities prepared. If you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions of what to see and do while in Dubrovnic that you may consider interesting.

• Take the cable car and see Dubrovnic from up above
There is nothing more beautiful than a panoramic view of Dubrovnic, with the sea stretching in the background. The cable car will start its journey in the city and will slowly ascend a mountain hill, the goal being to reach the top of Mount Srd. One way trip will cost around 8 euro, but you can always reach the place by foot, if you are up to. However you decide to do it, getting the chance to admire the area from 413 meters up is worth it.

Dubrovnic cable car

• Visit the Old Town and enjoy a day at the beach
One of the most appreciated beaches in Dubrovnic, the Banje Beach, is conveniently located near the Old Town. The Old Town is practically the old part of Dubrovnic, the one with narrow stone paved streets and old buildings, so it is worth seeing it. After you are done with the visit, you can easily stop by at the beach and spend the rest of the day in a very pleasant manner.

• See the Luza Square
The Luza Square is one of the ancient jewels of Dubrovnic, visiting it will make you feel like stepping into a world that does not exist anymore. Visiting the square will also mean that you will have access to three more objectives that are a must-see in this city, which are the St. Blaise Church, the city’s Bell Tour, and the Sponza Palace, an old historic building.

Dubrovnic architecture

• Experience the Stradun
Stradun is actually the center of the city, with gorgeous limestone paved streets, placed where they are since 1468, which give this place a surreal image. It is hard to believe that this populous area of the city, with cafés, restaurants, and shops, used to be a swamp once. Also, nearby you will see the city walls, another important historic part of Dubrovnic. So don’t hesitate to walk along these walls and try to imagine how life unrolled here in the ancient times.

Dubrovnic city

• Visit the impressive Fort Lovrijenac
Standing majestic on a tall cliff, just above the sea, Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress, attracts many visitors in the area. Protecting the city from the Venetian invaders once, it is now more a theater, well-known here for the plays that are housed at the location. So, regardless if you have the chance to see a play here or not, the fort is definitely something you need to visit while in Dubrovnic.

Dubrovnic jewels