What I Enjoyed the Most While Visiting Rome

There are a few cities in Europe that are worth seeing at least once during your lifetime. I am talking about those cities that still preserve, in an impressive manner, the vestiges of a rich historic past. Walking on their streets will be like taking a leap back in the past when life unrolled in a very different manner than we all know and are familiar with today. Rome is one of those cities. It impressed me in very many ways, not just showing me its vast history and stunning evolution over time. So, the following lines are my reflections over what I liked and enjoyed during my visit to Rome.


Rome is currently Italy’s capital city. But it was also once the capital city of the entire Roman Empire. Let us not forget that the Roman Empire was once one of the most powerful and large in history, which shaped the world during its reign. Walking around the old parts of the city will allow experiencing moments carved from the days when the Roman Empire was thriving. The Pantheon and Coliseum are two impressive buildings that still stand today, in spite of the fact that they were built in antiquity. Looking at their massive structure and taking into account the period of their making, they become even more mind-blowing, as you realize that they were mostly built by hand, without any of the technologies we enjoy today.


The Pantheon in an ancient Roman temple, where people used to gather to celebrate their Gods and pray to them in times of need. Its architecture is famous for its entrance pillars and impressive dome. The Coliseum is another incredible structure, of massive size, meant to offer entertainment to the dwellers of the city and empire. This is the place where the infamous gladiator battles took place, but also the location of exotic animals’ exhibitions or execution of war prisoners. And, of course, make sure you visit the Roman Forum as well. This was the epicenter of life in the old Roman Empire.


The entire social and political activity revolved around the Forum, so walking around it makes room for an imagination exercise that helps you have a glimpse of how Romans lived their days back then. If you ask me, Rome is like a huge open-air museum, with interesting masterpieces to see and discover at every step you make.





Speaking of art and history, Rome is filled with numerous museums. If you enjoy visiting museums, you will love Rome, as it is capable of satisfying your craving for discovering new things. But, in spite of the many museums available in the city, one caught my eye in particular. I am talking about the Palazzo Massimo, a part of the National Roman Museum. A palace built in the Renaissance style, the structure is now an appreciated museum holding, not just beautiful Roman art pieces, but also jewelry and coins belonging to the Roman Empire. Also, every piece displayed has all the explanations and stories you need to better understand the fascinating history of the powerful empire.


winter-black-truffle-italy-romafter all this sight-seeing and visiting museums, I will eventually get hungry. This means a visit to one of my favorite restaurants in Rome. It is worth mentioning that visiting Rome is not all about the popular Carbonara pasta, although here you will eat the best in all the Italian cuisine. There are other dishes that are worth trying and, for a foodie like me, the cold season is ideal for dishes containing winter truffles. One of my favorite dishes, when visiting Italy during this time of the year, is creamy Gnocchi with black winter truffles. It is a comforting and flavorful dish that will simply complete your adventure in Rome and help you dive even better within the atmosphere of this amazing city.