Villa Emily Brussels, top notch dishes served in an elegant atmosphere

Brussels is a gorgeous city to visit, but I am not going to talk about historical monuments and other touristic objectives at the moment. I wish to share my experience as a foodie at a beautiful restaurant I found in the city. It is called La Villa Emily and from the moment I walked inside, I felt the glorious atmosphere of the city’s rich history. The posh deco, with large crystal chandeliers and large wood panels, made it easy for me to imagine how this place looked a few decades ago. Members of the high society gathering here to talk business and enjoy time together, enjoying a refined and elegant atmosphere. Now, it was time for me to try this place, which made me feel rather curious and excited at the same time, because everything about this restaurant looked promising.


Even though the interior of the restaurant was eye catching and everything looked spotless, I will not insist on these details. The resistance piece of every restaurant is its food, so this is the subject I will focus on. I opted for the 4 courses inspiration menu, which cost only 84 euro, a true bargain if we consider the fact that this was a top class restaurant. But, I wanted to see how the average dishes of the restaurant look and taste, because we all know that if you order something expensive, everybody will do their best to make it look flawless.


The evening started with an amuse bouche, which was very surprising and creative. It is the type of starter that you would expect to get from restaurants that have Michelin stars. Concerning La Villa Emily, it did not have any Michelin stars, but this didn’t stop its chef, Mathieu Jacri, to do everything at the highest levels and exceed the expectations of the foodies that pass the threshold of his restaurant.


The starter consisted in a portion of red snappers, which were perfectly cooked and accompanied by a sauce that completed their flavor just right.


The next dish followed and I enjoyed a marvelous fillet of sole, cooked by using a modern technique, which amplified the taste of the entire dish. It was a complete delight to eat it.



The main course was the cherry of the entire evening, as I served a pigeon cooked like nowhere else. Besides the fact that the meat was just right, every ingredient in my plate merged with the other, offering me an outstanding culinary experience and unforgettable flavors.



After all these excellent dishes, I felt the need to enjoy a fresh dessert, so I opted for the roasted pineapple. I also want to mention that my dinner was accompanied by a bottled of Van Zellers Douro 2014, which went great with the fish I had on the menu and cost just 42 euro.

I left the restaurant with a great feeling and being pleasantly surprised. Everything from the food to services was outstanding. Every staff member, from car valets to waiters did their job without a flaw, making me feel welcome and respected. I enjoyed every minute of my time spent at La Villa Emily.

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