Tribeca Grand Hotel New York

While some people visit the restless New York for its glitter and vertigo skyscrapers, the city is filled with small treasures of style and class, reminding of the elegance that used to fill the City that Never Sleeps decades ago. Manhattan is a true world in miniature, a self sufficient and breathing human ecosystem that goes around at an dazzling rhythm. Right in the heart of Manhattan, surrounded by a mix of high modern scrapers and small businesses reminiscent of the old ages, the timeless Tribeca Grand Hotel entices its guests with a combination of style and comfort, luxury and ambiance. The location is almost perfect, in the trendy and unique neighborhood of Tribeca, on Avenue of the Americas, with fast access to the best Manhattan has to offer, from restaurants and bars to attractions and landmarks. Part of the GrandLife Hotels group, Tribeca Grand Hotel offers a unique experience for its bold guests, an enchanting accommodation ambiance that brings a touch of timeless luxury without any sign of opulence or debauchery.


The architecture and design of the hotel are perfectly intertwined with its services and amenities, complimenting the surrounding feel of Manhanttan and Tribeca. From entering the location, the sense of space and elegant luxury is overwhelming, with an expansive eight story atrium and the impressive Church Lounge. The hotel offers elegant lodging in 201 rooms and suites that are designed in what could be called antique modern and stylish luxury. The high quality amenities and furnishing create a comforting atmosphere, a great retreat from the hectic streets of Manhattan.


A stay at the Tribeca Grand Hotel means a delve into the high life of Manhattan’s elite, feeling and embracing and Big Apple. The hotel also offers a complete experience, from the Church Lounge with its trendy bar that invites anyone for a clever conversation or a well-deserved battery recharge, to the popular themed Grand Brunch. There is also a Grand Screen, playing a weekly film series for the pleasure and entertainment of the guests. Continuing with the unique guest experience, the signature Aire Acient Baths form an oasis of relaxation and intimate pleasure just around the block from the hotel. Overall, the Tribeca Grand Hotel is a haven of style and ambiance in the middle of New York and Manhattan, offering a complete experience to its guests.

Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

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