TravellerMade® 2017 – Georges Eliades, Seez Travel awarded best content provider DMC

Olivier Templar-James interview Georges Eliades,  GM of Seez Travel

1) Can you talk a bit about the philosophy of SEEZ Travel ?

As our work, social lives and children’s schedules become ever busier and increasingly filled, Seez Travel originated from our desire to bring real value to people’s limited leisure time. The name Seez derives from the idea that we need to Seize our ’time in between’ from our day to day routines and obligations.

The philosophy from the outset was to really get to know each and every client on a truly personal level to create unique and bespoke holidays tailored to them. We want to understand how to design a travel experience that will create life long memories for them, their families or friends.

We are true believers that travel is the very best way to open hearts and minds, that it is a vital part of life and our development at any stage of life. We also know that it is time consuming and difficult to organise in a way to extract the very best out of a place you do not know well and that is where we are able to add real value.

With our deep understanding of each client and their taste, desires and expectations, paired with our expansive travel experience and global network, we are able to design experiences that will bring joy, fulfilment, and treasured memories for our travellers.


2) Can you explain as an awarded top luxury travel designer what is your focus with your clients ?

Our travel designers first priority is to really get to know our clients and exactly what it is they want to get out of their ’Time In Between’; be that to uncover unchartered territories on an adrenalin fuelled family adventure, the honey moon of your dreams trekking in an Amazonian rainforest and canoeing down the Nile or island hopping to white sand beach islands on a chartered yacht with a group of friends to celebrate a milestone birthday.

We want to know what they like and what makes them tick to ensure we create an itinerary that will keep them smiling, engaged, discovering the new, relaxed or on their toes from touch down to take off. We also want to know what they don’t like to ensure theres not a wasted moment of their most precious time. Every client is different and no itinerary is ever the same. Our broad knowledge of the top ten or twenty hotels in a particular area means we will select the one we think will match the client, rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach.

And the service doesn’t stop the moment you board the plane; we are on hand 24 hours a day throughout the trip to immediately solve any issues that come up, to change plans that don’t suit or make further recommendations. We are here to make sure every element is perfect and everyone comes away with amazing memories


3) To your opinion what are the trends in 2017 for luxury travel in general ?

Luxury means many things to many people. Our definition of it is bringing the most meaning and joy out of you time We were early adopters of the idea of “experiential travel” where, rather than just visiting far-flung locations, our clients were looking for ways to tap into native cultures, meaningfully interact with locals, and feel like far more than a tourist. We are now wanting to go one step further and provide our clients with “transformational travel”; an opportunity to change the pace of everyday life and switch off from the technology that dominates it, and instead to engage in nature and culture. We see this as travel motivated and defined by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development. We want to design travel for our clients that is inspiring and leads to deeper transformations, offering both personal and professional growth during their ‘Time In Between’. This type of travel aims to allow travellers to learn from the cultures they experience and places outside their own, which will hopefully have long lasting effects well beyond the time they return back home. It’s this post-travel action that separates experiential travel from transformational travel.

4) How do you see as expert and DMC the future of luxury hospitality in Greece ?

Seez has over 25 years experience as a DMC in this area and in recent years we have since unprecedented numbers of requests coming in. Yet, despite the influx of luxury brands, world class restaurants and five star resorts to cater for the international jet set’s growing appetite for vacations in Greece and her beautiful islands, we believe this is still only the beginning and popularity is set to increase even further, bringing increasing wealth to the country’s holiday resorts and demand for a greater choice in luxury hospitality.

Both local and international brands have been quick to identify this trend and Seez sister company, Algean Property have been busy advising a number of luxury hotel groups and hospitality companies looking to get in on the action, and capture a piece of the growing market made up of the young and vibrant global crowd flocking here every year.

So, the future of luxury hospitality in Greece, both Athens and a growing number of Greek islands (not just Santorini and Mykonos), is looking very bright (and luxurious!)!


5) What the most iconic hotels in Greece you like to work with ?

Some of the best hotels we work with, where we know our clients will always be well taken care of include Grande Bretagne, Santa Marina Mykonos, Poseidonion Spetses, Amanzoe, Canaves Oia Suites and Belvedere

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