Traveller Made ® – The Essence of Luxury 2017 Conference Deauville

Traveller Made ® hosted this year’s Essence of Luxury conference, in Deauville, France. Deauville, located just two hours away by car from Paris, was indeed the perfect place for such a conference. It is right next to the seashore, has an incredible architecture, and it is a known location for the aristocrats of Europe. A visit here will definitely make you understand why. The conference was hold on the topnotch Deauville conference center and the attendees where hosts in the marvelous hotels of Lucien Barrière Group like the Normandy or the Hotel du Golf.

hotel du Golfe Barriere, Deauville


Getting back to our conference, it is worth noting that TravellerMade ® managed to gather no less than 700 attendees, all of them being top travel designers and DMC members of TravellerMade ® network together with 300 top managers representing the most appreciated luxury hotels in the world, and 70 travel journalists and bloggers, and speakers related to the world of luxury, design or art. The conference was an incredible opportunity to talk about the existing connections between luxury and art, and about the attraction between the world of luxury and luxury travel and trends. The truth is that more and more people who choose to travel around the world are more willing to spend more money on luxury and high-quality services, so it was only natural to have such a conference that covers subjects in this domain. And, of course, the conference was also a privilege to offer awards, during the gala night, to the best travel designers, hotels GM and travel DMC, as a sign of appreciation for their activity.

-® Sandrine Boyer Engel - Soiree Gala-0083

Georges Eliades Seez Travel TravellerMade award 2017

Winner TravellerMade ® Best Content Provider DMC: George Eliades – Managing Partner – Seez

A number of awards were granted during the night of the TravellerMade ® Gala. The best travel designers, the most exquisite hotels, the best of the best in the luxury travel industry, were appreciated and recognized during the Essence of Luxury 2017. Here is a list with the offered awards for this year:

Winner Most Thorough Designer, voted by Hotel Partners Summit Viagens e turismo: Sheila Zatz – Brazil

Winner Most Creative Designer, voted by Hotel Partners: Haslemere Travel – Gemma Antrobus – UK

Winner Most Thorough Designer, voted by DMC Partners : Van Vos Loon – Mr Jan Vos – Netherlands

Winner Most Creative Designer, voted by DMC Partners : Il Viaggio – Ico Inanc – Italy

Winner Most Expert Designer Destination Knowledge: CELESTIELLE – Doug Easton- USA

Winner Most Expert Designer, Client Knowledge Elefant Travel Consulting: Gemeno Gonzalo – Spain

Winner Most Expert Designer, Supplier Knowledge Regency Group Inc: Numano Isao – Japan

Winner Most Expert Designer, Crisis management Personne travel Club: Komarova Evgenia – Russia

Winner Best Traveller Made Champion Hotel Groups: Adam Morris – Regional DIrector of Sales – Europe and Middle East – Belmond

Winner Friendliest General Manager Hotel Groups : Renato W Chizzola – General Manager – Cheval Blanc Randheli

Winner Best Traveller Made Champion Independendent Hotel:Javier Rivadulla– Marketing Director – Finca Cortesin

Winner Friendliest General Manager Independent Hotels: Lee Nelson- Owner and Director – Split Apple

Winner Traveller Made: Friendliest Owner/GM DMC: Alex Chambers – Managing Director – Hummingbird Travel

Winner Traveller Made: Best Content Provider DMC: George Eliades – Managing Partner – Seez

Winner Traveller Made: Best Adventure Designer DMC: Charles Carlow – Founder – Alquemie

Winner Traveller Made: Best City Experience Designer DMC: Jordi Camps – CEO – China à la carte.

Quentin Desurmond TravellerMade

But, what is Traveller Made ® ? What made this top luxury travel designer network community so popular? If we are to take the statement of this network of professionals in the travel domain, their ambition is to provide holidays tailored to the desires and needs of customers. With other words, if you’re really looking to get the best quality and luxurious services, while meeting all your wishes, Traveller Made is the network you have to contact. It consists out of 260 travel agencies, 1500 travel designers, which are located in 56 different countries, being this way the biggest and most influential network of this kind. The travel designers that joined this community are dedicated professionals certified by TravellerMade ®, that cater a very wealthy group of tourists, the kind of people that want something different than regular touring itineraries and are willing to pay to have their requirements met. This is why only the best players in the luxury industry are part of TravellerMade ®, because the price is not an issue for this customer niche when it comes to having the experience they desire.

During this conference, Traveller Made ® decided to make important releases. The launch of a dedicated magazine, called Serendipia, and the DoNotDisturb collection, of which we are just about to talk. Serendipia is a magazine like no other, being printed in a number of 20,000 copies only and being distributed to the most loyal clients of the member travel agencies.

Serendipia TravellerMade magazine 2

Serendipia TravellerMade magazine 3

For Traveller Made ®, this is more than a magazine, being crafted more like a novel, which contains the experiences of the most experienced travel designers of this network. The first number is about to come out very soon and it will present travel experience like real life stories, in a perfect entwining between text, film, and images.

collection DoNotDisturb TravellerMade

DoNotDistur TravellerMade

DoNotDistrub, on the other hand, is an outstanding collection of essential travel items, beautifully crafter, dedicated to those people that enjoy traveling on a constant basis. 14 co-branded fine leather pieces are available, together with suitcases that have a unique design and excellent quality. The collection is planned to expand gradually, as more and more pieces will be added to it. These sets of items are primarily created for the member agencies of Traveller Made ®e, which should purchase the items with the purpose of offering them as gifts to their most appreciated clients. But, however you look at it, DoNotDisturb is indeed a collection for luxury travelers, who appreciate the quality of fine things.

Traveller Made ® annonced also an engagement with the EPIC Foundation, a non-profit organization that has as mission to positively impact the lives of children and young people in underprivileged areas. Traveller Made ® joined this mission to help philanthropists get in touch with an organization that wishes to change things in better. Anyone with the power to make a change can do so, due to this amazing partnership.

Photo Quentin Desurmond

Just like any other great things out there, Traveller Made ® appeared due to the idea of one man, a man that wanted to make things differently. The man behind this Traveller Made is Quentin Desurmont. A genuine Frenchman, Quentin studies business at SKEMA and INSEAD, he founded his first luxury travel agency in 2007, called Peplum. Ever since then he provided itineraries that were tailored according to the needs of the increasingly wealthy travelers that wanted something different than what other agencies were offering them. Thus, it was just a matter of time until Traveller Made ® appeared, back in 2013. So, the first network of top luxury travel designers was born, created to provide support and tools to the best top luxury travel designer in the world.

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Photos credits: Olivier Templar-James, Sandrine Boyer Engel, NaiadePlante, TravellerMade