Traveller Made launch the concept of Haute Villegiature

The Essence of Luxury , annual Traveller Made conference takes place at Deauville in April 2018, in France
But, the 2018 edition of the show was special out of an additional reason as well, as Traveller Made CEO, Quentin Desurmont announced the new concept “Haute Villegiature”. Practically, this new concept is going to be the haute couture of the luxury travel segment, offering people outstanding services and experiences, something that cannot be found at regular travel agencies. The word “villégiature” was chosen because it makes references to the habits of rich Venetians during their vacations, back in the days of the Renaissance, something that was always connected to the wealthy classes. So, during a forum that lasted for 4 days, Traveller Made did its best to make this concept understood, opening the door toward bespoke travel experiences at the most luxurious levels.


It is not a secret that Traveller Made members,always cater for the needs of UHNW or ultra-high-net-worth people, so this concept stays within the same frame. As Traveller Made CEO Quentin Desurmont underlined during the conference, high-end customers are continuing to want to travel to places that are more private and offer exceptional services at the same time. When it comes to top destinations for 2018, it appears that both exotic destinations, as Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tahiti, Maldives, and colder regions, like the polar circles, are most popular. Of course, Japan, New Zealand, and Cuba can also be mentioned among the most preferred destinations of the year, according to the Yearly Barometer 2018, compiled by Traveller Made travel designers.

Photos credit : ChemChem Safaris