The Vertu Signature Touch – Luxurious Phone with Incredible Specs

It is true to some extent that nowadays smartphones have become fashion statements by telling a lot about the owner’s class. And when one owns the Vertu, with the price tag of more than $11,300 it goes without saying that the owner is truly rich. The Vertu Signature Touch smartphone comes with 24 Concierge service on demand. If you like to enjoy the life to the fullest by watching red carpet events and high-profile shows and relish dining in the hard-to-get into restaurants then, Signature Touch is definitely made for you. The exclusive Vertu apps let the user’s book tickets for various high-status events and even making last minute reservations in the restaurants.

The perfect services offered by this handcrafted luxury phone fulfills the personalized requests like access to the special events and occasions, which is exclusive for the Vertu users. If the choice is a premium model of Vertu, then a one-to-one dedicated Concierge is appointed for meeting the customized demands. This is the feature Pogliani, the CEO of Vertu for a year now has included soon after he was appointed.


Many people must be wondering for why anyone should go for buying an expensive phone like Vertu? The CEO of Vertu, Max Pogliani explains that this is not of much difference from collecting classy cars, watches and wines. The killer app of Vertu, the Concierge services give the users access to premium experiences, plethora of special features, and assistance just by touching a button. All these services are open for 24 hours and seven days a week. Moreover, in world class cities, a Vertu owner can get the privilege even to access the private members club or the top-class spas and resorts.


With the partnership with iPass, the phone lets the users’ access Wi-Fi globally, and hence is the best for the top-notch travelers who roam around the world with homes everywhere. Vertu also offers integrated support for encrypted phone calls. This means that the owners of the Signature Touch phones can chat with their fellow tycoons in full privacy.


The high-end specs of Vertu prove that they come from a premium and top notch company. Available in calf or alligator skin finishes, this smartphone has the resolution of 1080p. The other specs are quad core processor of 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 2 GB RAM, and the most recent Android operating system from Google, the 4.4 KitKat. The Signature Touch also has 13 MP rear cameras, which is Hasselblad certified, autofocus, and dual LED flash and front camera of 2.1 MP. The 2750 mAh battery lets the device be charged wirelessly.

For those who would like to pronounce luxury in each walk of life, the Vertu Signature Touch should be their ultimate choice. Not only it boasts about hardware and software; the Concierge services make this phone, a must for the bigwigs!

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