The Spur Alliance and The Amazing Guest Ranches that are Part of It !

If it never occurred to you that a vacation on a ranch could be an outstanding experience, you probably  have not heard about the Spur Alliance. The Spur Alliance is actually a group made out of the best guest ranches that can be found in North America and Canada. These ranches are dedicated to giving people not just an authentic western -like experience, but also have top-notch amenaties from all points of view. It is worth mentioning that the Spur Alliance is an exclusive group made out up of only 8 ranches, which have what it takes to meet the outstanding standards set by the organization. Another detail worth mentioning is the fact that the Spur Alliance, and all of its ranches, belong to the Dude Ranchers Association known for the quality and high standards it gives to its customers.

Why should you choose to stay at one of the ranches belonging to the Spur Alliance ? Here are several reasons worth taking into consideration:

These ranches managed to have all acquired excellent ratings on Trip Advisor;
Brought together, these ranches sum up over 480 years of experience, which is rather staggering;
They have hosted several thousand guests so far and are still going strong;
Together they have a total number of 1000 plus of horses

Are you curious to find more about these ranches? If so, you will find details about each of these 8 ranches in the lines that follow. Check out their individual specialties and decide which one will suit you best for your next vacation.

1. Flathead Lake Lodge – Big Fork, Montana


While you may think that ranches are all about horseback riding and spending time in the outdoors, this particular ranch has something different to offer. The Flathead Lake Lodge is located on the gorgeous Flathead Lake. Having an impressive length of 30 miles, the Flathead lake is the ideal location for relaxation and adventure alike. The ranch brags with the fact that this freshwater lake is one of the very few lakes in the world that have has the cleanest water. If you are a water-sports enthusiast, you will find a wide range of options to enjoy. Swimming, sunbathing, enjoying the lake in a canoe, sailing on a boat, water-skiing, and many other options are available here. It is up to you if you just want to relax and enjoy the blue sky and water or if you’re up to something more thrilling.

2. Lost Valley Ranch – Sedalia, Colorado


If you’re looking for a vacation destination that can offer entertainment options for your children, you should definitely take this ranch into consideration. At this ranch, everybody in the family will have a great time. Parents will have the chance to unwind and relax.out in the open The kids will have fun and enjoy the chance to burn their energy with the amazing children’s programs provided by the ranch. There are programs and activities for every age group so older children or teens will not spend time in the same group with young children. for example. Rest assured there is adult supervision for all age groups. There are activities for children that span as long as the day does, with meals included, of course. So, if you really want to enjoy a great vacation and give your kids a chance to enjoy their time as well, choosing this ranch will mean a great vacation for everyone.

3. Triangle X Ranch – Jackson Hole, Wyoming


If you are up for some adventure and you’re not afraid to explore the outdoors, the Triangle X Ranch will provide what you’re looking for. It is the ideal ranch to visit if you want to spend time in the outdoors, just enjoying the views, fishing, or go horseback riding around the gorgeous landscape. You have the chance to spend time camping, at one of the ranch’s locations, if you are up to it. It is worth mentioning that this ranch provides something for families as well, such as trips made to suit everyone’s needs, regardless of age. The pack trips offered by this ranch will include everything you need for a safe and comfortable experience. So, bring nothing but yourself and your family or your friends, and everything else will be offered by the ranch’s staff.

4. The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch – Shell, Wyoming


The Mustang, which is a breed of wild horses, can still be seen in special areas around North America. If you want to see a real Mustang up close this is the ranch for you. They have a special program through which they adopt and train Mustangs. The ranch is doing this both out of the desire to keep this breed of wild horses alive, but also to improve its own lineage of horses. The Mustang is known not just for its beauty, but also for its resilience and sturdiness. So, as you can tell, visiting this ranch means that you will see, touch, and interact with real Mustangs. Their actions are of noble nature, as they help keep this gorgeous breed of horses alive and encourage other ranchers to do the same, so it is an opportunity you should not miss.

5. Three Bars Ranch – British Columbia, Canada


This particular ranch is the only one, out of the 8 in the Spur Alliance, located in Canada, and not North America. Due to the fact that it is located in the Canadian Rockies, there are quite a few amazing parks in the area. There is the Banff and Lake Louise, each park offers breathtaking views of the Rockies. In fact, you may not find these kind of views anywhere else in the world. Other second options are Glacier National Park and Waterston Lakes National Park, ideal for walks in nature, which will give you the chance to have a closer look at the flora and wildlife of the area. Plus, you will be surprised by the amazing staff members the ranch has. They burst of positive energy and professionalism at the same time. Each of them has extensive experience when it comes to horseback riding and the outdoor environment around the ranch. Riding with them and making them your adventure partners will make lifetime memories.

6. White Stallion Ranch – Tucson, Arizona


Most ranches are not available for guests around the year year-round, but this particular ranch is. No matter when you’d like to enjoy a vacation here, you are welcome. If you’re wondering why to choose this ranch, you should know that the activities it offers are all included in the price of your stay. So, when paying for your vacation, you are also opening doors to a wide range of activities. What kind of activities are available? You can choose between horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking, shooting, and biking on fat tire bikes. Also, you can enjoy entertainment programs in the evening and be part of the ranch’s weekly rodeo show. in case you stay at the ranch long enough to see it. But no matter when you come and how much long you choose to stay, it will be very hard to get bored at this ranch. Besides the activities you can enjoy here, the experience of staying at a ranch and enjoying the outdoors is one of the best ways to relax and refresh your energy.

7. Paradise Ranch – Buffalo, Wyoming


What do you enjoy doing the most, fishing or hiking? Well, it doesn’t matter what you will answer because you can find both of these at this particular ranch. This Spur Alliance ranch offers great programs when it comes to fishing and hiking, so no matter what your favorite past time activity is, you will find it here for sure. Even if you don’t know much about fishing, the staff at the ranch will be more than happy to introduce you to fly fishing or help you out to enjoy a better experience during your stay at the ranch. If you’re not that into fishing, you can easily enjoy hiking, as this is the kind of activity suitable for people of all ages. In fact, it is recommended to hike around the ranch and enjoy the views and gorgeous nature.

8. Rainbow Trout Ranch – Antonito, Colorado


It is not hard to find authentic western hospitality if you choose to visit this ranch. The Rainbow Trout Ranch started as a family business and it continues to be one even today. in nowadays. The business was passed on from generation to generation, so three generations took care of the ranch in time. There are three generations currently operating this family ranch. So, all the traditions and best practices have been kept in the same manner. Of course, the conditions at the ranch are outstanding, according to the latest’s standards. But the hospitality you will find here is unique, as it is the kind of hospitality that made western culture famous.

So, if you were wondering how and where to plan your next vacation, why don’t you try staying at one of the ranches that are part of the Spur Alliance? The fact that they are part of the Dude Ranchers Association will give you the guaranty of and members of Spur Alliance assures you of a quality ranch experience that will be totally authentic. What are you waiting for, come experience the fun that only a guest ranch has to offer and go back home with a set of incredible memories that will last a lifetime!

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