The Rickshaw restaurant at Corinthia Prague

My wife and I stayed at the Corinthia Hotel Tower in Prague, and having heard much about the various dining options we decided to explore the award-winning Rickshaw Restaurant which is an Asian-themed restaurant. The restaurant is like an Asian haven ensconced within the bigger hotel; it has the characteristic Chinese Music, low lights, staff in traditional Asian attires and even Asian furniture. The overall effect leaves you feeling like you are in Asia!

rickshaw hotel corinthia, Prague

On the menu, the meal options are drawn from cuisines peculiar to all parts of Asia including Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The Chef is from Thailand and the meals usually have the characteristic spicy taste of Asian meals, so you have to be prepared if you have a sensitive taste palette.

Rickshaw food, Prague

For starters, we had the Rickshaw Golden Platter for two persons. It was a selection of five appetizers which included fresh rice spring rolls with crispy vegetables, spicy octopus salad, pork meat balls, red curry sauce, and crispy spring rolls with duck meat, shrimp cakes, and tamarind sauce. My wife had fish since she could not eat meat and the fish was quite nice. We also had soft crab which is not so common.


For the main dish, I picked one of the Chef’s specials, a Thai dish called Mu Phad Khing. The dish consisted of Stir-fried pork with ginger, celery, spring onion, black mushroom, shitake and oyster sauce. The meal was prepared traditionally like in Thailand and it was mildly spicy and truly amazing.


For dessert, I had the Chinese Kluai Khaek which was fried bananas with caramelized brown sugar, a very good way to end an amazing dinner. The Dessert menu also included fresh fruits and sorbets which the Asian people like in Thailand.
To complement the dinner, we had a white Veltlinske Zelene Classic 2014, which is a perfect wine for sea food and pork because of its fresh and subtle fruity flavor. Unlike what we expect from many five star hotel restaurants, the dinner was not very expensive and we had a great time.

The meals served at the Rickshaw Restaurant are very light and are amazing alternatives to the heavy Czech meals served in most restaurants in Prague. The service is impeccable with friendly and knowledgeable staffs that were quite helpful. Throw in the intimate oriental ambience and you can almost feel like you are having dinner in a friendly Asian city.
Whenever you are in Prague for business or pleasure, book a table at the Rickshaw restaurant and be transported into an Asian haven of amazing food at good prices.

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