The perfect Thai dinner at NIPA Thai Restaurant

While staying at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, I discovered one of the best Thai restaurants that you can find in the city. Personally, I was impressed not by the quality of services and pleasant location, but more by the authentic Thai flavor of the dishes. It was like they were made in Thailand, and not in the UK, probably due to the fact that the chefs of the restaurant are Thai and know this particular cuisine very well.


As mentioned earlier, the NIPA Thai is located within the Royal Lancaster Hotel, at the hotel’s first floor. It is worth mentioning that in the group of Thai restaurants, NIPA Thai is of the best you can find, being a highly regarded restaurant and currently boasting 2 AA rosettes. So, if you want perfect Thai food, this is the place where you will find it. Besides amazing food, the atmosphere and decor style of the restaurant are two other things that will make you want to repeat the dining experience at this location. While serving your food, you will be surrounded by elegance, style, class, and gorgeous details, as the restaurant is decorated to meet the high standards of the Royal Lancaster Hotel.

Nipa Thai London thai food

When it comes to the food I was served, there wasn’t any flaw that I could find in the dishes. As an appetizer, I got the exquisite POR PIA TOD, which means crisp spring rolls with glass noodles, plus cabbage and crab meat topped with a homemade sauce. A second appetizer dish was TOONG NGERN YUANG, crisply fried prawn dumplings served, once again, with homemade sauce. The presentation of these dishes was outstanding, and I could really taste the flavor of each food due to their exceptional freshness and perfect cooking method. I also loved the crispness that merged extremely well with the high-quality seafood.



As the main course, I opted for NOR MIA FA RANG PHAD HOY SHELL, which is a dish featuring perfectly cooked scallops and asparagus, both of them bathing in a delicious sauce that could make the day of any foodie. My wife, who accompanied me to the dinner at NIPA Thai, went for PHAD KIEW WARN TA LAY, which is a spicy curry dish. The dish is not too spicy, as it has balanced flavors with a decent degree of spiciness. Containing a mix of seafood, Thai aubergine, and basil, the dish was served with a generous amount of spicy, rich, green coconut curry which really exploded with flavor.


Since a perfect dinner always ends with a dessert, we went for an à la carte dessert. Our choice was Jasmins Cheesecake with Elderflower Sorbet . Usually, the dessert is not one of the strongest points of an Asian restaurant, but I was surprised to notice that NIPA Thai masters the skills needed to create an outstanding dessert. The kind of dish we had is mostly found in restaurants that have a Michelin star, so it was a pleasant surprise. The cheesecake was light and reached an incredible balance between texture and flavor, accompanied by the crispness of the dark chocolate, and the freshness of the exceptional Elderflower Sorbet that underlines everything you should expect when it comes to mastering the art of sorbet.


We all know that a great dinner should be accompanied by an appropriate drink, so I have to mention the fact that our dinner was served together with an exceptional wine. I am talking about a Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot from The Pastor’s Blend, which was chosen with care so that it fits all our dishes. I can confirm that it did, as every sip of this wine was just what was needed for every dish. NIPA Thai has a wide range of wines brought in from various corners of the world, so it is easy to find the perfect wine for your Thai dinner at this restaurant.

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