The newly opened MIMA Museum in Brussels

In our today’s society, street and contemporary art are both very important parts in the artistic movements that take place in every city. If artists in the past used canvas to express themselves, in present days they use streets, buildings, parks, and other unusual locations for making art happen. These artists also use surprising materials to bring their art to life, such as tape, cardboard, plastic, and so on. If we think about it, these materials are representative to the modern society, so it is only normal for them to appear in the shape of artworks. So, the Mima Museum was opened especially to make people get in contact with contemporary art more easily, teaching them about the environment they live in.

MIMA Brussels Maya Hayuk

Whole room painted at MIMA by Maya Hayuk

MIMA Brussels view of the museum

Tomato by Parra 2015 – Dishes of Die by Steve Powers

This museum is a very young one on the stage of the Brussels’ museums, coming to life only in April this year. But, even so, it works hard to achieve the set goal, and that is to become a representative museum for contemporary art. At the moment, the museum looks great, offering incredible collections for visitors to enjoy.

MIMA Brussels Basement street Art

                                          Citylights instalation by Swoon

MIMA Brussels street art Citylights instalation by Swoon

You can see everything from photos, to paintings, drawings, and various other installations, meant to surprise your sight and puzzle your mind. There is both a temporary and permanent exhibition that can be visited in this period, so it is worth paying this museum a visit. You will find it along the Canal, on 39-41 Quai du Hainaut.

MIMA Brussels Belgium

MIMA Brussels Art Installation

To your surprise, you will see that everything about the museum is connected with art. The first art piece can be seen in the basement, the artworks going up to the third floor. At every step and at every floor you will find one or several installations made to respect the purpose of the Mima Museum. Of course, the main collections are on the second and third floors, but do visit every enclosure of the museum, as each of them has something to show you. Also, while at the museum, you can enjoy its terrace and its shop, which is also a restaurant at the same time.



Serie by Mostr. “Nothing’s changed” 2014

The people that are behind the creation of this museum state that we live in times when art can finally be expressed freely and by anyone. An artist doesn’t have to come from a rich and influential family, he doesn’t have to walk around museum pleading with a portfolio for getting his work accepted, or making favors for anyone with the previously mentioned purpose. It is enough for someone to have a fresh idea of making art, as creativity is the only one respected in the artistic world today. With the presence of museums such as Mima, any artist, even the smallest, has the chance to make his artworks known to the world. Both the artists and the art enthusiasts should take advantage of this aspect and enjoy contemporary art in its purest forms. When visiting the museum, you may not find any familiar names among the artists mentioned there even if somes are very famous in the street art scene or will become the new famous ones, but that won’t stop you to enjoy the incredible exhibition and contemplate their creativity.

More information on MIMA and exhibitions agenda