The Monaco Yacht Show 2017 – Legend award winning adventure mega-yacht

Monaco is known for the luxurious yachts that are parked along its shoreline throughout the year. It is a city that is highly appreciated by the wealthy people of the planet, who come here in search for a corner to relax and enjoy the good life. But, this year, pretty much in the same way it happens every year, Monaco hosted the famous Monaco Yacht Show. The crème de la crème of yachts are presented at this particular event, a display of technology, high performances, luxury, ultimate comfort, and adventure, all provided by these extraordinary man-made machines that are made to glide through the water. I was there and was more than excited to visit Legend, one of the most stunning yacht in the world, the winner of The World SuperYacht Awards 2017.

LEGEND_Exterior_Hi-8830-credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

LEGEND_Helipad_Hi-8723-credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

Legend was present at the Monaco event and I must admit that my blood was almost boiling in my veins with anticipation of seeing this gorgeous boat. I wanted to see and experience on my own if everything that was written about this super yacht was true. The first time I laid my eyes on this vessel, I knew that it was going to surprise me. It was imposing, reliable, and yet elegant and beautiful. It was very hard to believe that this boat was once used for scientific expeditions, helping researchers collect precious data with the purpose of protecting our environment more efficiently. The transformation the Legend went through is simply spectacular. It became a unique yacht for fun and adventure, equipped with the latest technology, finished using the finest materials and respecting the latest trends, and capable of providing entertainment opportunities around the clock.

LEGEND_Dining room_Hi-8936-credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

LEGEND_Master stateroom_Hi-8692-credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

LEGEND_Lounge_Hi--credit Quin BISSET-5_170315_HR.jpg

The best part about Legend is that you can easily take it on a trip around the world, even in Antarctica. It is the only luxury mega-yacht in the world that can break through the ice, so you’ll be safe traveling in it even in the cold and icy waters of the earth’s poles. It is a world cruiser that was proven to have everything needed to take in such a challenge without a problem, being extremely safe while providing palace-like luxury to its guests. How many people can travel with Legend at once? Apart from the crew, which can be composed out of a maximum number of 19 people, plus 10 more that can be doctors, environmentalists, expedition leaders, and others, the yacht can accommodate 26 guests without any problems. Are you tempted by this beauty of the seas?

Then you should know that this jewel is for sale for anyone that is willing to pay € 46,500,000.

LEGEND_Exterior dining deck_Hi-8942-credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

LEGEND_Exterior pool_Hi-8945-credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

LEGEND_Jacuzzi spa_Hi-8776-credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

LEGEND_Cinema_Hi--credit Quin BISSET_170315_HR.jpg

The truth is that Legend was built to answer to the requests of even the most exigent travelers out there, who really know how to appreciate ultimate luxury and comfort and desire to enjoy unforgettable adventures around the world. Having a 7,640nm range, certified Heli-pad and an ice-breaking hull, there’s nothing that will stop Legend from exploring even the most remote corners of the planet’s oceans. And traveling aboard will be anything but boring, having in mind that you’ll have a spa, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, beauty salon, cinema, swimming pool, and a place to take along your favorite toys, such as paddle boats or scooters, at your disposal around the clock. For me, it was a real pleasure to be able to see it for real and visit , and I can only imagine the adventures its owner will have, once Legend will be finally purchased.

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@photos credit Quin BISSET