The Monaco Yacht Show 2017 a great edition

Monaco is an amazing city, where luxury and wealth always felt at home. Blessed with an incredible location and a fruitful economy, Monaco is like a magnet to rich people that wish to enjoy a great life. When you reach Monaco, the first thing that will impress you is a large number of yachts docked along the city’s shoreline. Yes, instead of cars, the residents of Monaco, both the permanent and temporary ones, love enjoying the excitement of driving a yacht. Thus, it felt only normal and natural for Monaco to host an impressive yacht show on its premises. The Monaco Yacht Show took place on the 27th of September and I was there to enjoy it. Now, in the following lines, I will share my amazing experience with you.



When it comes to top-notch sailing ships, the Monaco Yacht Show is the most important event of its kind in the world. The event manages to gather some of the most prominent players in this domain, like manufacturers that take the opportunity to display their latest models and prototypes, plus yacht owners that have real jewelry, something they’re proud of, also have the chance to show the world their impressive boat. So, all these in mind, I couldn’t miss the chance of being there and feast my eyes with these beauties. And I am very grateful for doing so because I had the chance to see the most impressive yachts in the world, plus a number of toys that the wealthy enjoy using on their spare time.





Just imagine being in a parking lot filled with expensive cars, only that at the Monaco Yacht Show, the cars were replaced by breathtaking yachts. This is how I felt once I reached the location of the event. But, there was something, in particular, I wanted to see here, the crown jewel of the stunning collection displayed at the show, and that was.


Legend, a yacht that won the most prestigious award in its category this year. The idea of being there and seeing this amazing machine was extremely exciting. Being created to serve as an exploration vessel that had to help researchers in their studies of our planet, she is incredibly sturdy and capable of enduring any conditions, including the need to break the icy waters of the poles. But, on the inside, she can leave you speechless, providing luxury, comfort, and everything you need for an unforgettable voyage. The Legend is the perfect mix between high-end technology, high-quality finishing touches, and an increased practical sense, as she was made to explore and not just to be a beautiful yacht.




As mentioned before, the Monaco Yacht Show is not just about yachts. There were several areas that visitors could enjoy, each providing something special, besides the presence of the stunning ships. On the Starboard, for instance, there was a lounge and restaurant that served snacks and fine dishes during the day, while in the evening everybody had the chance to enjoy a glass of something while listening to a piano concert. For the visitors that enjoyed amazing cars just as much as they enjoyed the yachts, the Car Deck was specially made for them. But not just every car was presented at this section, only those that were considered prestigious enough to be part of this outstanding event. And, the premium guests and clients of this show in Monaco also had the chance to take any of these cars for a test drive and not just look at them. What kind of cars did I have the chance to see at the Monaco Yacht Show? As you can imagine, it was the crème de la crème here, as Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, and a few others, sent their most impressive representatives at the event.





Of course, I cannot disregard the Tenders and Toys section of the show. Every luxurious yacht that respects itself and wishes to spoil its passengers will have a part dedicated to toys. What do toys mean? It means that the yacht owners can take along their ski-jets, paddle boats, and other toys that provide relaxing or adventurous water sports. You see, the idea of owning a yacht is to sail on water as a mean of pleasantly spend your free time, which also means to take advantage of the vast water surface and enjoy any of the water sports that may appeal in your case. Several tenders that represented this niche of entertainment were present at the show, allowing visitors and potential clients to check their offers and choose the tender that suits their needs in the best way possible. But, no matter how you put it, this show was about having fun and enjoying life at the highest standards this world has to offer.


Unfortunately, the yacht show of this year is over, so if you want to be part of it, you have the chance to do so next year. The Monaco Yacht Show 2018 is definitely something you need to include in your schedule because the event gets more and more impressive from one year to the other. Even if this event of this year just ended, the organizers already started planning for 2018 and there are rumors that the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 will be a mega yacht show that will definitely exceed your expectancies. I left the show grateful that I was able to attend it, promising myself that I won’t miss the next year’s edition. It is definitely the kind of show you won’t see anywhere else and if you are a yacht enthusiast looking for a brand new toy, this is definitely the place for you. The show is an exhibition created to suit the needs of the pickiest, but also gives people the chance to purchase their dream yachts and everything needed for entertainment at outstanding levels. One thing is for sure if you end up buying one of the yachts here and that is the fact that nobody in the world will have a yacht like yours.

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