The marvelous trains at the Train World Museum in Brussels Belgium

When the train was first invented, it was considered an incredible breakthrough, an invention that was about to change the lives of millions around the world and boost the economy in an unpreceded manner. Even if many things changed since the first trains took passengers from one destination to another, burning coal as fuel and puffing columns of thick smoke, it is still very exciting to actually see these train models in their natural size and full splendor. This is possible if you choose to visit the Train World Museum in Brussels, Belgium. I had this objective in my agenda and I am more than happy that I chose to do so. Thus, in the following lines, I will share the impressions I got during my visit to the museum.

Brussels World Train Museum

One of the best parts about this museum is that it dedicates its entire space for exhibiting trains and other important elements of the railway world. So it isn’t just another museum that will display one or two trains together with other types of exhibits. This is why, even if it is just for a short period, you will submerge is another world, the world of old trains and how everything in this domain started. I loved to see how trains made the passage from steam to electrical power, as new technological solutions were found by people with a vision and passion for development. I also found out more about the history of trains and railway lines, how the first emerged and how they transformed as time passed by. I was pleasantly surprised to see that besides displaying the outside of the trains, the Train World Museum also gives people the chance to see the inside of the trains, as they used to be back in their glory days. This is definitely not something you can see in other train and railway museums.

Brussels Belgium World Train

While walking around the museum, I realized that the train was extremely important a couple of centuries ago, when cars were unavailable or were just a luxury reserved for the wealthiest. In fact, trains were much faster than any car of the time, so it was the best transportation mean if you wanted to reach a destination fast and comfortable. Of course, trains were used not just for the transportation of passengers, but also for various goods, packages, and even mail. Yes, due to the existence of trains, letters managed to reach their destination in a much shorter time than by any other travel mean.

Belgium Brussels World Train Museum
Another surprise was the fact that the museum was not just about the past of trains, as it also looks toward the future as well. So, at the end of the visit, I had the chance to try a high-speed train simulator. In other words, I sat in what could be the train of the future, sitting in a comfortable armchair and seeing how the train speeds up with the help of a high-tech screen. As an adult, the technology amazed me, but I also felt like a child, doing something exciting for the first time and having the chance to picture how the future may look years from now. Besides this experience, I could see the noses of modern locomotives in real size, which made everything even more authentic. All in all, I lived interesting moments at the Train World Museum in Brussels and I recommend visiting this museum, as you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

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