The Laurent Gerbaud Chocolate maker workshop

Every chocolate enthusiast knows that in Belgium you can find one of the finest chocolates in the world. The most appreciated and talented chocolatiers are in this country, each of them having secret recipes when it comes to this much-appreciated dessert. During my trip in Brussels, I had the chance to participate at a chocolate workshop, learning to make my own chocolate. It is quite an intriguing experience, as I realized just how little I knew about chocolate before coming here. I learned that chocolate, just like wine, has so many different tastes and flavors. So, during this course I learned as well how to develop my taste in order to comprehend the various flavors of chocolate.

Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier is a place in Brussels where you can enjoy a wide assortment of chocolate. With other words, it is heaven for anyone that is in love with chocolate. If you come here, be prepared for a mouthwatering experience. But there is more to this place than just enjoying chocolate. It is also a chocolate making atelier, which means that whoever desires can learn to make chocolate. The workshop if led by Laurent Gerbaud himself, so you can be sure that you will learn only from the best. And, of course, everything started with us, the apprentice, tasting various chocolate treats, made from all sorts of chocolate, some of it brought in from the furthest corners of the world.

laurent Gerbaud Brussels chocolate workshop

During the entire workshop, I really felt that I plunged in the fascinating world of chocolate and its delicious secrets. I got the needed tools, which were a mould for chocolate, various chocolate assortments, and nuts and dried fruits that could be used as well, and started working in no time. A huge blender was keeping the chocolate flowing, so we could use it in our moulds. We used chocolate varieties like Peru, Ecuador, and even the exotic Domori Madagascar. After pouring the chocolate in the mould, with a large spatula, we had to remove the excess. The best part about it is that we learned how to use our senses to create interesting chocolate blends. I was very excited about tasting what I managed to put together, wondering if the taste will be as I expected. Once the mould was cleaned of any chocolate excess, we could add the dried fruits, nuts, or leave it simple, according to our personal preferences. The chocolate had to cool down before it was ready to be removed from the mould. But once it was ready, we also receive a beautiful Laurent Gerbaud packaging to take our creations with us, as a souvenir from Belgium.

It was a great experience and I am so glad I had the chance to be a part of it. Still, if you want to try this as well, keep in mind that the Laurent Gerbaud chocolate workshops are very popular, so it is a great idea to book early if you want to enjoy it during your stay in Brussels. Other than that, be prepared to indulge in a lot of chocolate during such a day.

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