The Ellington Hotel, The place to be in Berlin to enjoy the real Berlin vibes

Berlin is definitely one of the fastest-growing European capitals, boasting a diverse, culturally rich, and cosmopolitan environment. The capital of Germany is also home to some of the world’s best hotels, including the acclaimed Ellington Hotel, located in the heart of the city.
The Ellington Hotel is definitely the perfect place to book if you value art deco and old buildings with an interesting history. This uniquely designed establishment offers a truly one-of-a-kind blend of old and new with facilities, such as a lobby, several bars (including a fancy cigar bar), and…a treasure vault! Yes, you did not misread the previous line. The hotel used to be part of Berlin’s financial department, and what was once a safe, holding riches and money, is now a cellar, holding another kind of treasure – a selection of rare and unique wines!

Ellington Hotel Berlin Reception

Ellington Hotel Berlin Duke Bar Lounge

Ellington Hotel Berlin Weintresor

Besides these interesting facilities with a classy attire and a historical fascination, the hotel also offers the most modern comforts, including a gym, where people can practice fitness free of charge, as well as the outstanding Duke restaurant, and more importantly, comfortable rooms with all the best amenities you could expect from such a world class hotel.

Ellington Hotel Berlin Suites

I had the chance to spend my stay in a large suite with a stunning view, courtesy of the huge, art deco style windows. The rooms were very bright and luminous with a pleasant minimalistic / white theme reigning over the colour scheme. Even though this hotel is ranked as a 4 star establishment, my experience can definitely be compared to a 5 star hotel, because the design of my room and the facilities provided were absolutely excellent. I truly appreciated the minimal / zen style ornaments within the room, the noise-free environment, the smart placement of facilities, like the TV, and most of all, a truly comfortable bed that made for a pleasant, deep sleep!

Hotel Ellington Berlin executive suite

I should also recommend the executive suite with its wood pannels and cosy  design.

Ellington Hotel Berlin Saal Femina small

A luxury hotel, with great rooms in a wonderful historical building and all the right amenities, is a great place to stay, but the way the building is connected to the city is also an important part of the traveler’s experience, so let’s talk logistics. The location of the hotel is very, very advantageous, as the Ellington is located just about 2 minutes away (walking distance, that is) from the Tiergarten area, one of Berlin’s most notable shopping areas, also home to one of the world’s most famous department stores, Kadewe, a true mecca for locals and visitors, willing to experience one of the most iconic shopping outlets in the old world. The area is also well-connected with the rest of the city through the efficient local public transportation network, but it is also possible to book taxi cabs or rent private vehicle for those travelers who are looking for ultimate flexibility when it comes to traveling around the city.

Ellington Hotel Berlin breakfast Buffet

I truly enjoyed the hotel’s breakfast service; the morning buffet was diverse and high quality. It also included Asian rolls and other hot dishes you might expect on a truly world class breakfast smorgasbord.

Ellington Hotel Berlin Restaurant Duke

The Duke restaurant with young, talented chef, Florian Glauert, was one of my best food experiences in Berlin, really. I chose the 3 course menu rather than the Logique menu, and it was wonderful. I will recommend the Roasted Breton Sardine with summer roll, miso, and planed foie gras, and at winter, the magical Deer served 2 ways with mushrooms, pumpkin, parsley, and jus of purple mustard. The chef, Florian Glauert, is mastering the best German product, and really, you remember the unique signature feeling you have with a starred chef even if, for the moment, the restaurant doesn’t have stars. First, I had the Roasted Breton Sardine with summer roll, miso, and planed foie gras (18 euros) (it was light and full of flavors). Second, I chose the Deer served 2 ways with mushrooms, pumpkin, parsley, and jus of purple mustard (34 euros), really amazing in taste, generous, like I like, and with a true spirit. The dessert was perfect, as the bread was crispy and nice. I was happy, and the wine selection is incredible for true wine lovers, as this Bottle from Hospice de Beaune.

I would definitely recommend the famous Sunday Jazz Brunch experience at the hotel; a magical brunch full of great live music, performing the most timeless jazz classics in a perfectly casual chic setting. As it is among the best Brunch in Berlin, you need to reserve a table. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the Ellington Hotel for travelers who want to be in the unique Berlin vibes, because it isn’t just a great luxury hotel with an amazing set of rooms and amenities; it is a true gateway to the best Berlin has to experience!

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by Olivier Templar–James

photos credits : Andreas Schulz, Amin Akhtar, Andreas Friese