The Arch London, or the ideal hideout for luxury travelers

When we talk about luxurious hotels, we think about large corporations that have the means and resources to provide outstanding conditions to the most sophisticated travelers. However, what if I tell you about a luxury boutique hotel that is still a family business and succeeds in offering top-notch services and luxury to each and every guest? I am talking about The Arch London, an exquisite hotel that offers luxurious and exceptional services in an intimate and discreet manner, so you will truly feel at home when staying at this hotel. I stayed at this hotel 3 years ago, so I was excited to see what was new, how the hotel evolved over time, and what it could offer me now.



I want to start by mentioning that the hotel is located in one of the best neighborhoods of London, a part of the city where famous people have their own private homes, like Madonna, who lives 1 minute away from The Arch. Thus, when staying at The Arch London, you will actually be a neighbor to Madonna, as her London residence is not too far from the luxurious hotel. Located in Marylebone, the hotel offers the surroundings of a calm residential street, so it is the ideal solution if you want to stay a decent distance away from the hustle and bustle of London’s center. Included on the list of top 20 Luxury hotels in the UK, by the TripAdvisor website, and obtaining the 2017 Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Award, you can’t go wrong by choosing this particular hotel, which has Hyde Park, Bond Street, and the West End nearby.




When your eyes meet the hotel, it is easy to tell that it belongs in the English landscape. Featuring Georgian architectural elements, the building itself is elegant and imposing. The family that manages The Arch London is striving to maintain the English heritage embedded in this hotel. So, there’s no better hotel to visit if you really want to have an authentic English experience while enjoying modern facilities and the best hospitality services on the market. Also, precisely the fact that the hotel is a family business makes everything so special. Because the hotel is an independent business, the management has the freedom to do things slightly differently, which, in this case, is not a bad thing. It means that you will enjoy a laid-back and intimate atmosphere, surrounded by luxury and some of the best services that the hotel industry in London has to offer.

welcoming The Arch London

Abbey suite Arch London

Abbey suite Arch hotel London

Abbey suite interior garden The Arch London

Getting back to my experience with this hotel, I must say that the suite the hotel provided did manage to make me, and my wife, feel at home. Called the Abbey Suite, it was beautifully decorated in a warm manner, so resting here was certainly not a problem. The suite is actually a very generous salon which features a large bed with one of the best mattresses I have ever encountered. The next day in the morning, we both realized that we slept better and deeper than we did in other hotels, which is great considering that sleeping at a hotel is never like sleeping at home, so this can affect the quality of your sleep. On the other hand, the Arch’s unique experience feels like home after all. The cozy suite also features two generous wardrobes and a large flat screen in the salon (and one that appears by magic from the bed with an ingenious system) and a small private kitchen, equipped with an espresso machine. The bathroom is also beautiful, featuring both a large bath and a top-notch rain shower. Besides being elegant and nicely finished, the bathroom offers high-quality products from Malin+Goetz and a TV embedded in the wall of the bath for perfect relaxation moments. While it is true that this suite did not provide a street view, we enjoyed the small indoor terrace, which was decorated with gorgeous garden furniture and green elements.

Tha Arch breakfast buffet

Arch London  buffet breakfast

The Arch vegan breakfast

After a good night’s sleep and a hot cup of coffee comes the moment when you’re looking forward to enjoying the breakfast. When it comes to The Arch Hotel, its concierge is one of the best in London. So, with this in mind, you can be sure that the breakfast served here will suit the preferences of any foodie. Featuring fresh high-quality British products, the breakfast menu is a very healthy one and can easily satisfy the needs of vegans and vegetarians too. Therefore, even if you’re not into eggs and bacon, you will still have plenty of options when it comes to having healthy food in the morning. I have to mention that the hotel offers an intimate alcove for breakfast, so we could enjoy our food in complete privacy. You see, the hotel is accustomed to having celebrities among its guests, so having a secluded alcove is a must. The waitress that took our order was extremely friendly and helpful, acting in a professional manner and helping us to choose our breakfast menu, as there are special menus which you can order à la carte. I opted for an authentic British breakfast, which meant scrambled eggs that were perfectly cooked, while my wife went for the full vegetarian English breakfast, a healthy yet delicious option. Although I am not necessarily a fan, the veggie sausage deserves all the appreciation it can get, as it was outstanding.



For lunches and dinners, the hotel has its own restaurant,  Hunter 486 Restaurant and Bar. The name of this restaurant was inspired by a dialing code used for Marylebone back in the 1950s, so it is a unique name. In fact, the entire restaurant is a creative and unique one, as the chef prepares classic English dishes, such as fish and chips, all served in an outstanding manner.





Furthermore, if you want a gorgeous place to enjoy a glass of fine drink with your friends and family, Le Salon de Champagne is just what you need. However, in case you are looking just for a cup of tea, enjoyed in an intimate atmosphere, or a place where you can round up your friends, the Martini Library is the ideal venue. Both of these venues are situated in the hotel. Also, it is worth mentioning that the hotel offers a Wedding Package as well, ideal for those that are looking to enjoy a royal-esque wedding. Starting with the venue, wedding menus, accommodation, and others, The Arch London has what it takes to make your special day unforgettable.

All in all, The Arch Hotel is indeed a dream-like hotel. I’ve seen many hotels in my lifetime and had various experiences everywhere I went, but The Arch Hotel in London is the only hotel that actually made me feel like home. It was like being wrapped in a discreet and luxurious cocoon of my own.

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Photos credits: The Arch London, Luxury Travelers Guide