Andreas Murkudis a view about fashion and design

In case you are tired of the same old plain stores that are available everywhere you go and you feel ready to see and experience something else, then Berlin is definitely the place to be in this case. Berlin is the home of several concept stores, which are meant to stir the interest and creativity of visitors by welcoming them in the style of a museum, giving them the chance to purchase the items they like the most at the same time. Such a concept store is created by Andreas Murkudis, who is one of the most important players in the art scene of the city. Right from the start, Murkudis wanted to offer people something different, creating his first store, back in 2003, in a backyard. In those days, just as it happens today, Andreas Murkudis took care of the design and fashion aspects of the stores, which became the perfect entwining between an artistic and commercial experience.


For more than 15 years, Andreas Murkudis had the Museum of Things in his management and opened numerous art galleries throughout Berlin as well. So, his domains of interest included art as well, and not just fashion. For this concept stores, Murkudis highly appreciates industrial spaces, which are large and generous, allowing visitors to feel like walking more into a museum rather than an actual store. As he enjoys saying, space is for him “the greatest luxury”, enabling various things to appear in front of the viewer in their entire splendor. What can you find if you choose to enter Andreas Murkudis’ shops? Well, he enjoys offering a wide selection of one-of-a-kind products, which are displayed in an exhibition-like manner, instead of simply being positioned on traditional store shelves. What is interesting to know is the fact that Murkudis picks the items that he would love owning, so there is always a personal note involved in the product displays you will find in his stores. So, from fashion accessories and clothes to household items and decorations, the two stores owned and managed by Andreas Murkudis in Berlin will definitely manage to surprise you.




It is worth mentioning that the items available in these concept stores will never follow the trends. So, if you are looking to get things that meet the latest tendencies, there are slight chances you will find them here. As mentioned earlier, Murkudis is involved in the choosing of these items from head to toes, using his own artistic vision, emotion, and preferences when choosing them. Also, each piece is displayed in a manner that will allow them to transmit a message to the viewer, provoking his creativity at the same time. In case you are interested to visit these stores, you will have to choose among Store no. 81 and Store no. 77, or, even better, see them both.



Store no. 81 focuses on providing fashion items, which come from 300 brands, experienced designers, and new talents at the same time. The products sold in this store are special and unique, so if you decide to purchase anything you can be sure of this. Store no. 77, on the other hand, is dedicated to products created and design for interior spaces and indoor design concepts. If you decide to visit this store, you will be able to design each room of your house from top to bottom. And you won’t find just amazing products here, but you can also receive guidance from a team of experienced architects and interior designers, as part of the services provided by the store. Of course, the items that are available in this store can’t be found anywhere else, so it is a great place to visit if you want your indoor space to have a unique character and design.

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Photo credit : Thomas Meyer