The 4 Most Spectacular Yacht Charter Destinations in Italy

Italy has long been one of the world’s most favoured yacht charter destinations. Seafarers enjoy its rugged coastlines, its crystal clear waters and its exotic islands, not to mention the uniquely charming culture that greets passing visitors. As the summer season gets well underway, we’ve put together a shortlist of the most iconic Italian yacht charter destinations, designed to inspire your luxury voyages for 2016 and beyond:


The island of Capri has to be first on our list. Located in the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, close to the Sorrentine Peninsula, this idyllic destination possesses a charming, picturesque beauty that has been beguiling visitors and residents for centuries.


Yacht charter in Capri provides the perfect way to experience the island itself, as well as its breath-taking surroundings. Small though it may be, there is plenty on offer to suit every taste, and it provides an intimate way of experiencing Mediterranean culture at its best – all within short reach of your yacht. Roman ruins and dazzling seascapes are there for you to explore, along with rock caves – such as the magical Blue Grotto, a dazzling natural wonder that sounds as intriguing as it is fascinating – for the more adventurous and sun bleached beauty spots of unspoilt, rural charm.

Italian wine and food

Excellent local cuisine is a given, but Capri is also home to a surprising array of designer boutiques – as acknowledged by Nicola Lacono, owner of Silver Star Yachting, who comments: “as well as many Michelin-starred restaurants, the most important luxury brands have their shops in Capri. These, along with delicious wines, excellent hospitality and rich culture and history, are what bring people to the area.”


Sardinia is famous for its clean, stunning beaches, white sand and exceptional water quality, each of which justifies its reputation as one of the world’s premier yachting locations. In particular, the resort of Porto Cervo is one of the world’s most alluring luxury hotspots and is favoured by holidaymakers with a taste for the finer things when it comes to boutique shopping, dining and spa experiences. The beautiful, sheltered harbour is the perfect spot for dropping anchor and exploring the island. Rows of awe-inspiring boats are regularly moored on the coast, indicating its popularity with the seafaring community. Cala Mariolu is one such destination that consistently attracts those with a penchant for discovering the sublime: the azure water and white-sanded beach make for a dream-like setting in which to relax.


The Amalfi Coast

One trip to the sensational Amalfi Coast is enough to see why it is such a hotspot for well-travelled and discerning visitors. The characterful landscape consists of bright, inviting towns, poised on cliff tops and nestled amongst coastal mountains, along with some of the country’s top restaurants and hotels. A combination of natural beauty and seductive luxury make yacht charters in the Amalfi Coast ever popular with those in search of paradise. However, the region remains remarkably unspoilt, and retains an abundance of authentic charm. The Valle delle Ferriere encapsulated the unencumbered beauty of the Amalfi Coast; trek up mountains to witness truly spectacular sights, feel the spray of gushing waterfalls and smell the sweet scent of Mediterranean flora at its finest.



Visitors who set sail for the idyllic fishing village of Portofino are guaranteed to enjoy a friendly welcome. It’s the perfect destination for an intimate Italian getaway, and the iconic, colourful harbour has an irresistible appeal. A cobbled square overlooks the exquisite harbour, where guests can sample the gastronomic delights of the local seafood and enjoy views across the tranquil Liguria Sea. Portofino has become Italy’s answer to France’s St Tropez, yet it must be argued that the scenic port is far more attractive in its appearance. Brave the steep incline to Castello Brown to gain a sprawling view of Portofino in its entirety.