Sustainable shoes with TRIPPEN, Berlin fashion spirit

It’s no secret that the numerous industries of the world affected our environment in a great deal. Mankind developed new materials, which supposed to be more resistant in time, just to discover that these materials are extremely polluting due to their extended decomposing period. Also, people tend to take all the resources of the planet, alive or not, for granted, exploiting them without considering the consequences and without looking for better ways to do it. If we don’t change our perspective and the way we do things, then we are heading toward a very grey and unhappy future, where a clean and green environment is going to be present only in the pages of an encyclopedia.




Under these circumstances, it is impossible not to salute the initiative of companies like Trippen, which strive, day after day, to offer high-quality products in a sustainable and responsible manner. Trippen is not a new company on the market, as it started its activity back in the 90s, so we can say that we are talking about a company and brand with a rather strong reputation and tradition. Right from the beginning, the brand was dedicated to the production of items that respect the environment while still providing quality, comfort, and diversity. The majority of the products are made in a factory near Berlin, Germany, the small exception being represented by a few products made in the north of Italy, with the help of a reliable family business in this domain. Also, all the leathers used by the brand are natural and processes in a safe and responsible manner, by using vegetable colors as one example of the sustainable techniques adopted by the company.


Trippen Store in Berlin

The new TRIPPEN flagship store opened in March 2018 at Postdamer Str 100 in the hype center of Berlin . reflect perfectly the TRIPPEN spirit.

There is a pair of Trippen shoes for everybody, as the brand follows its own unique trends and designs, which creates shoes that last for a number of seasons and still look great regardless of the circumstances. Having in mind that the quality of these products is outstanding, it is essential for the brand to come up with items that look amazing today and three years from now, as an example, due to their excellent reliability and durability. In the Trippen shops, you can find shoes that have a minimalist design and some that have an avant-garde appearance, plus everything in between, as the brand addresses to clients of all ages, backgrounds, and stylistic preferences. Of course, the creators of the brand continuously work on creating new models and new designs, as one of the company’s missions is to provide great diversity to customers. So, this is definitely a German brand that is worth being followed.



What makes Trippen such a special brand? Besides exceptional leather and vegetable dyes, the company is famous for its manufacturing process, which has extremely low emissions in the atmosphere. Also, all the materials used for the making of their shoes, regardless if we are talking about leather or wood, come from reputable European providers only. Even the employees of Trippen have a special status, as the company does whatever it can to know each person that decided to work for its brand so that they feel valued and respected. If you have the same set of values and would like to support sustainable brands like Trippen, then it is definitely worth checking out their product portfolio. It may also be interesting to know that you can create your own custom-made pair of shoes, as Trippen supports individuality and personal style, so you can easily opt for your favorite colors and materials when looking to have a pair of Trippen shoes.

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