Spices restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Prague – Dinner experience

My wife and I stayed at the Hotel Mandarin Oriental Prague, so it was quite natural that we dine at the much acclaimed Spices restaurant within the hotel. The restaurant is known for the impressive Asian cooking of the Chef Jiří Štift, a young culinary wonder who used to be a chef aboard the famous Queen Elizabeth II. In conjunction with the other highly skilled chefs, the team presents wonderful Asian meals to patrons all year around.


We were seated on the terrace which is really cozy and is a perfect place for romantic dinners or just to meet friends. The setting reflects a perfect blend of the hotel’s history and contemporary décor; the renovations done to the former renaissance chapel make it a wonderful place to enjoy an amazing dinner while taking in the beauty of the elegant restaurant.


The menu includes dishes from all over Asia creatively prepared with a modern twist. It can be likened to a travel through many Asian countries from Japan to Thailand, from Malaysia to Singapore or China and Madras. The waiters were very helpful in selecting the right dishes and we had a choice in deciding how spicy we wanted the meal to be. The Spices Restaurant serves all the dishes on a table in a family dinner style, so that everyone can try the specialties being offered but we opted for the classical French way of having dinners. The meals are served on exquisite tableware which further enhances the beauty and appeal of the dishes.

For starters, we had the Peking Duck & Foie Gras Spring Rolls which tasted as amazing as it looked.


The Rainbow rolls served with fresh tuna and salmon fish was equally excellent. Tuna fish is hard to find in Prague, but the Spices restaurant has a skilled sushi master who did a great job on this particular one.




For the main meal we had the delicious Calamari & Soft Shell Crab in Green Curry, followed by the perfectly cooked Jasmine Rice & Thai Eggplantand then the amazingly flavored Beef Fillet, Foie Gras & Unagi Wonton, Unagi-Truffle Sauce and Kiriboshi Daikon. It was an assault of scintillating sensations on our taste buds and we looked forward to the dessert.


We opted for a fresh dessert and we had Coconut Ice Cream Tapioca Pearls, Litchi, Pomegranate, and Caramel Sauce. It was light, tasty and smooth in the mouth, making it the best dessert we could have had after such a wonderful meal.

The Spices Restaurant and Bar also serves classic cocktails which in addition to the excellent meals prepared by the chefs and the impeccable service, makes it a choice destination for both visitors and residents.

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