Shopping in Amsterdam – Maison de Bonneterie

Amsterdam is known for its many interesting tourist sites, and exciting night life, but one of its top attractions is the Maison de Bonneterie. Where the shops are excellent and people watching is a required pastime. You will not want to miss this experience while visiting this great city.


Maison de Bonneterie’s charm comes from the building the shops are located in. If you love the look and feel of old world charm mixed with a modern edge than you will enjoy spending some time here. Relax, and enjoy the atmosphere inside. The Maison de Bonneterie store was founded in 1889. It is situated along the Kalverstaat and Rokin, which are two of the city’s main streets. The building was created in the Parisian style, and has set a lit dome that surrounds the top.
Inside, are stores that offer its visitors the world’s top name designer brands in clothing, shoes and fashion accessories.


There are beautiful boutiques that carry some of the most exclusive items, and all surrounded by the calming atmosphere that comes with the old world charm of the structure. The Maison de Bonneterie offers one of the most interesting shopping experiences in Amsterdam.

Rokin 140-142
1012 LE Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 531 3400