Shepherd’s of Westminster a London food institution

Shepherd’s of Westminster restaurant is a true Westminster institution, widely acknowledged for its elegant, yet casual decor, as well as its dedication to offering the best British, seasonal products and wine selection to diners.

The understated elegance of the establishment, as well as its relaxing atmosphere, makes it a great place to indulge yourself in one of the best culinary experiences in town. This is courtesy of the experienced chefs including Paul Croasdale (Head Chef) and Owen Wiliam (Sous Chef), whose backgrounds are as stellar as the dishes they send out from the kitchen.

With this background, and the overwhelmingly positive online reviews about this particular restaurant, you can imagine that my expectations were high.


When I finally mentioned having dinner at Shepherd’s of Westminster, people told me that I would find the place jammed-packed with the local elite and politicians. However, my actual experience was way more relaxed and cosy than I’d been led to expect, thanks to the restaurant’s refined and discreet atmosphere.



I wasn’t only impressed with the aesthetically pleasing setting (the director is actually a Frenchman who has been living in London since he was a child), I was also highly satisfied with the service I received from the staff. Servers were efficient, polite and timely which, in my opinion, always adds value to any dining experience. As the staff appeared passionate and knowledgeable about their craft, I was more than happy to accept their recommendations.


We eventually ordered a starter based on their suggestion: thinly sliced Scottish scallops with pickled melon and ricotta. The combination of flavours was tantalising, as the elements within the dish truly managed to create a beautiful dichotomy. This was a must-try dish that fits particularly well with the approaching spring/summer season, as it tasted fresh and delicious.



Following the starter, I ordered one of the house’s most famous dishes, their Shepherd’s Pie, a true British classic. This dish was made with quality, organic lamb, and I can honestly say that it was probably the best Shepherd’s Pie that I’ve had the chance to try in all of Great Britain. It was wonderfully executed, balanced and earthy. This is the kind of food that really fills you with warmth. My collegue enjoyed the roast  Cod fillet.


Last but not least, I decided to stay on the side of British tradition and continue with a home grown dessert, an English apple crumble. This was definitely an interesting and tasty mouthful, particularly delicious because of its contrasting textures. It was crunchy, soft and fragrant, all within a single bite.

A night out at Shepherd’s of Westminster has just made me realize the great potential of British culinary tradition which is so often left on the backburner for decades. Finally, British chefs and quality restaurants such as this are starting to look back at their history and embrace their roots—creating something truly amazing with quality local produce and traditions that lead to innovation. If you are looking for an expression of British culinary art where classic flavours blend in with modern sensibility, Shepherd’s restaurant is the place to go.

Shepherd’s of Westminster - Marsham Street | Marsham Court, London SW1P 4LA – see more on their website