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Traveling has become one of the most enjoyable and sought after activities for people around the world, millions searching for new and exciting destinations each year. While most people travel in search of new experiences and adventures, there are also people who are searching for peace and well-being, renewal of health, both physical and mental. Among the most prestigious and respected wellness clinics in Europe and the world, SHA is an esteemed establishment, an innovative and modern clinic featuring many extremely effective treatments and procedures, some of them pioneered by the staff. SHA Wellness Clinic is highly praised on the health market for its own genetic testing program that measures Telomere length, developed by the resident doctor Sabater. Visiting this luxury well-being heaven is a truly life-changing experience, a path that leads to a healthier, longer and happier life.


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The wellness clinic, comprising a hotel, spa and other facilities, is located in one of the most marvelous places of Europe, on the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean, in Albir Beach, close to the beautiful town of Villa de Altea. Overlooking the sea from a mountainside, the complex takes advantage of one of the best micro-climates in Europe, with mild temperatures year round and other extremely beneficial factors. Developed by recognized architects and designers, the SHA Wellness Clinic is much more than just a spa, taking that extra step in applying a wide collection of natural therapies and treatments with the help of modern technology, mixing the Easter and Western health wisdom and practice. Frequently visited by esteemed international maters of expertise, including Buddhist monks and prestigious doctors, the SHA Clinic stands at the top of the European health destinations.

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Wellness Clinic - Treatment room 02s

One of the most prominent therapies available at this wellness facility is the innovative genetic testing procedure pioneered by dr. Sabater, an illustrious anti ageing specialist. The therapy provides an undeniable edge in the fight against ageing and for a healthier life, revealing health risks and creating personalized treatments and cures based on the genetic profiles of each patient. The added bonus of Telomere Length testing can reveal the real body ageing degree. All of these are offered by SHA Wellness Clinic and so much more, taking advantage of some of the most advanced and modern facilities and equipment, an extremely professional and knowledgeable staff and much more. This luxury retreat is more like a state of mind, changing dispositions and mentalities in regards to lifestyle and health.

SHA wellness clinic
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