San Sablon Brussels a new foodie restaurant

Recently, the culinary background of Brussels, Belgium, enriched with a brand new restaurant. Before thinking that this is just another restaurant that offers food to fill your stomach, like many others in Brussels, do have in mind that this new one, called San Sablon, was started by Sang-Hoon Degeimbre. For any foodie, this name means something. If you are not familiar with it, you should know that Degeimbre is a famous Belgian chef, with Korean roots, who is also the holder of a 2 Michelin stars. He is also the owner of the L’air du Temps restaurant, located in Liernu. If you’ve been there, you probably know that quality and outstanding dishes are part of the menu.

SAN Sablon Brussels restaurant

Restaurant San Sablon Brussels

From the moment I walked inside the restaurant I felt a feeling of serenity and warmth invading me. Most certainly this was due to the Zen décor, created by lively but peaceful colors, the presence of natural materials such as wood, and decorative details that makes you feel like dining in a garden. The experience was indeed a serene and peaceful one, not only due to the décor but also due to the extremely fresh and tasty food.

San Sablon for foodies in Brussels

The best to try this restaurant is to go for the diner menu. I started the evening with SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ, which consisted in bonito, juice and shells. The dish was extremely light and opened my appetite for more food.

Foodie restaurant San Sablon Brussels

The next dish contained Merlu fish, peach, and vanilla, an interesting yet highly delicious combination. It was nourishing, fresh, and sophisticated.

Chef Degeimbre San Sablon Belgium


LIERNU, a season vegetable salad with lacto juice was the perfect passing between courses, offering something refreshing before the main dish.

Foodie Brussels San restaurant

The main course was a real treat for my taste buds, consisting in duck with red fruits, cranberries, and dried beet fumes, which were melting in my mouth. I will definitely not forget such a dish soon.

chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre dessert at San restaurant

Finally, the diner ended with an exquisite COPENHAGEN, which meant black fruits, oxalys, and sour granite. It was the perfect dish to complete a diner, being fresh and satisfying my craving for something sweet and healthy.

Serving diner at this restaurant was an incredible experience. The surrounding is pleasant, perfect actually for enjoying your food. The fusion style of the chef is also amazing, the flavors combining delicious and surprising on every plate. Even the tea served here, together with the wine selection, is excellent, being able to satisfied even the more refined tastes. The incredible taste of the dishes created by Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre comes from the organic fresh ingredients that are harvested from his own garden. This is the secret of food that always manages to amaze your senses.

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