Quartier 206 department store, Berlin – a new vision of experience in luxury shopping

Though I love to shop, I hate having to browse through a hundred shops, go through a thousand fashion or design articles, and then purchase something, just because I am tired by the end and cannot wait to get home. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a fashion concept store in Berlin, called Quartier 206, and while I could not stop feeling elated as I explored it, I also could not stop regretting that I had not found it sooner!

DSQ206 Exterior Berlin

DSQ206 Stationery Berlin

Quartier 206 is a brilliant fashion concept store in Berlin that is smaller than your regular department store, yet far more luxurious and rewarding than any other shopping experience you have ever had. Spread over two floors is a variety of clothes for men and women, cosmetics, perfumes, home accessories, art, stationary, and books. Upon entering, you will see the high end flower shop and perfumery, which is a smart point to start your departmental store, as the sweet fragrance and colorful display enraptures you the moment you step inside.

Q206  beauty perfume Berlin

It basically houses collections and the latest lines from the most famous designers from all over the world, like Prada, Givenchy, and Tom Ford. There are also some collections of Japanese and local designers. Each collection is carefully selected and changes every week, so you are sure to find new options every week you go.

departmentstore women fashion

Cabinet at Quartier 206

armani st moritz

The best things that I liked about Quartier are the tones and themes of the store. There are bright tones for the women’s section and monochrome black and white for the men’s. The beauty department with cosmetics is also equally colorful and inviting the moment you step down the staircase. However, the section that houses clothes for women along corporate, somber lines is also monochrome. Since the collection is precise, everything is on display, and you do not have to go through the hassle of going through a dozen clothes hanging on the stands. Beside the clothes, there are also shoes and bags, so it helped me match them with my clothes and buy things accordingly.

Quartier 206 Berlin

The furniture and interior decorations are so enticingly set up that I actually wanted to purchase every piece of furniture! From the exquisite tea sets to the vintage designed chairs, everything is for sale. For a less creative person like me, seeing furniture with complementing lamps, tables, and wall hangings helped me decide what I wanted to buy and how I should arrange it.

departmentstore BAR

Finally, to catch a breather or a break from the shopping, there is also a beautiful cafe bar, serving tea and juices, which I thought was incredibly thoughtful. The stationary, books section is also beautifully arranged. The photographs in the Art section are actual fashion photographs! Had I been an avid fashion fan, I would have bought most of them.

The store’s founder, Anne Maria Jagdfeld, renewed the vision of a luxury shopping experience. It is so thorough and complete that I did not find anything missing. The next time you go shopping in Berlin, drop by there. I am sure you will enjoy this as much as I did!

Quartier 206
Friedrichstraße 71,
10117 Berlin

More infos and all new collections on their website

Olivier Templar-James