Opening October 2014 in Bordeaux of ultimate luxury wine experience

The gastronomic scene of Bordeaux is frantically getting ready to welcome a new addition to the luxury experience of great wine and delicious food, backed by a hotel location that is set to awe and inspire its guests. Created from the imagination of two already famous French characters, the wine connoisseur and proficient entrepreneur Bernard Magrez and the acclaimed, multi Michelin star bearer, chef Joel Robuchon. Planned to break the boundaries of fine wine and food in October 2014, the new establishment will complete and uplift the excellent luxury market of Bordeaux, a land known for its exquisite traditional produce, starting with some of the most famous and appraised wines in the world. The two French masters of their trade are now happily announcing the grand opening of what has been the results of years of creation and perfect partnership.

While Bernard Magrez has been hosting elegant events and receptions related to the wine industry, promoting the French products into the world, Joel Robuchon has been awarded almost 30 Michelin stars for his constant and perfect contribution to the success of French fine cuisine in the world. The two have met and collaborated for various events around the world, until finally deciding to create something unique in Bordeaux, a luxury hotel that will feature the wondrous gastronomic creations of Robuchon, using the best “teroir”, traditional products from the Bordeaux area, as well as the most prized wines of Bordeaux, hand-picked by Magrez. The establishment will come to life in the incredible Chateau Labottiere, an 18th century mansion located in a charming residential area of Bordeaux.

Reproduction_Artiste 1827

As for the project itself, it is bound to become the ultimate gastronomic destination in the city, offering six luxury suites, as well as an elegant and stylish gourmet restaurant that aims to receive the 3 Michelin stars that Bordeaux has always been craving for. Although the cuisine creations will be above the top, featuring the genius of Joel Robuchon and his team of thirty something expert chefs, it will not be pompous and pretentious, offering a pleasant atmosphere for people to sample the amazing menu and the great wines of Bordeaux. With about fifty tables in the restaurant and a more relaxed lounge, the new location will add a touch of style and luxury to Bordeaux. The creative imagination of the two masters will be best described by this new establishment, a unique mix of typical ingredients, gastronomic wonders and heavenly wines.

The Luxury Wine Tourism by Bernard Magrez