One of the best interior design companies in the UK just finished another stunning project

While you can find many good interior designers in Britain, some of them are simply outstanding, having the power to transform an interior space into a true work of art. Callender Howorth is one of those companies that doesn’t just produce interior design masterpieces but also manages to be a trendsetter in this particular domain. Founded back in 1997, by Mark Howorth, who is currently one of the best regarded interior designers, the company is formed out of a team of the best luxury interior designers you can find in London. With its headquarters in the UK’s capital city, Callender Howorth offers more than just interior design services, as it can also take in projects that involve garden designs, choosing furniture items and styling the indoor space, interior architecture, but also services that involve the construction of luxury private residences and commercial spaces alike from ground zero to completion, not just in the UK, but so too in Europe and further afield.


Among the most recent projects accepted by Callender Howorth was a beautiful manor house in Kent, which had beautiful features but needed the hand of an expert to keep its imposing and impressive character. The house, which was built quite a while ago, has 2 stories, is surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery, and was put up for sale. So, who could take care of the staging process in the best way possible other than the famous Callender Howorth? The company turned this country house into a real jewel, so most certainly clients won’t fail to appear. Before getting to the house, it is worth mentioning that the location of the house is just perfect. It was built in what is today a wonderful historic village in Kent, in the close proximity of the sea and a 15th-century church. The property is also surrounded by wide green pastures, being the ideal relaxation oasis and the perfect escape location from the busy urban areas.




Having Mark Howorth as the leader, the team invested a lot of time, effort, and dedication not just to restore this property that was being continuously damaged by time and weather, but also to give its former splendour back. Because we are talking about experienced professionals here, you may be tempted to think that this project was an easy one for them. Well, the truth is that it took two whole years to reach the results we can all see today. It all began when the client requested Callender Howorth to turn this property into a beautiful traditional home, without making it look opulent or grandiose. The company has experience with this kind of projects as it collaborates with English Heritage, out of the desire to preserve British traditions. Local suppliers, artisans, and craftsmen also contributed to this project, bringing in the elements that are meant to keep the traditional spirit of the house untouched.



The rooms that offered a generous space and the house’s high ceilings represented the team’s source of inspiration. The kitchen and bathrooms of the house were both designed to reflect the classic and traditional character of the house, as the final purpose was to provide a warm, cozy, and comfortable family home. Elegant vintage papers, antique elements, but also vibrant colours, turned the old property into a stylish residence with modern touched, but without affecting its traditional flair. It is really hard to believe that it didn’t look like this right from the start, as the Callender Howorth team made it appear like belonging to that particular spot, full of life and ready to be discovered.

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