One day sailing trip in Kos with Istion Chartering

If you’re heading to Greece and love the ocean, it would be a mistake to miss out on a daylong sailing trip to the island of Kos. Located near Turkey in the Aegean Sea, Kos is the third largest island in the country, and definitely among the most beautiful. Sailing to the island is a perfect getaway that will make your trip unique, and give you the chance to enjoy a day at sea.


My wife and I planned our trip to Kos right away, on a luxury charter sail boat. We booked our adventure with Istion Chartering, the best luxury chartering company in Greece, which proved to be the best traveling decision we’ve ever made. The boat was a gorgeous Beneteau Oceanis 45, skippered by Andy, an experienced English sailor who made our experience all the more incredible.


As we made our way to the island, we enjoyed the our beautiful blue surroundings. Since our boat, sailing  was ecological, there was no sign of that annoying noise most other boats make, which made it that much easier to enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves. As we cruised through the paradisal ocean, we enjoyed some delicious drinks from the top-of-the-line bar, and a nice meal with our hostess, Jessica.

The wind was on our side that day, and we were able to go up to 8 knots. In fact, Andy took some time to teach me how to skip. I managed to master commanding the boat while following his instructions, and this spontaneous lesson was among the highlights of the trip. From the very beginning, it was clear that every single crew member was committed to making our trip absolutely perfect.


My wife and I were astonished by the beauty of Kos. With white rock formations in abundance and lush green grass, the island proved a nice contrast to the turquoise of the sea. Andy took us to wonderful beaches that are only reachable by boat, which made them more peaceful (and relatively isolated) than otherwise expected. We even found a secret spot on the water where we were the only boat in sight! Overall, we spent the day taking in the sun, and enjoying the luxury of our charter boat.


We also visited the nearby island of Pserimos. This unspoiled island is often forgotten, as most travelers focus on the bigger Greek islands. However, our crew, in all their expertise, showed us this hidden treasure, giving us the chance to explore those parts of Greece that are off the beaten path. Just like in Kos, the Aegean Sea lived up to its reputation of pristine waters and relaxed surroundings.

My wife was more than happy with our choice, and I can say with complete confidence that it this day trip proved the highlight of our stay in Greece. The Ipsion Chartering crew treated us like royalty, and we got to experience a unique trip around some of the region’s most beautiful islands. This is an excursion we recommend to everyone in search of a luxury experience in paradise.

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